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If you give a mom a Pioneer Woman cookbook….

She will bake….

First she will find a recipe that she is craving that minute

and she will cream butter and sugar together…

then she will crack an egg into it….
while her lovely 9 year old snaps a picture
(in action mode of course)

Then she will sift flour into the bowl…
and accidentally get some on the handle ….
of her [...]

The Pioneer Woman Cooks and a Giveaway!

Remember the day I went to get this signed?
April 17 ~ Seattle ~ Third Place Books ~ group E ~ 7:00 – 8:00 pm

I love love love my Pioneer Woman cookbook !
Ree Drummond likes to cook with pictures and butter
I love that about the P-Dub !
Ree Drummond is The Pioneer Woman ~ you all know [...]

Mr. Mailman, Bring Me A Postcard …

So as you some of you know ~ I home school my little boy ~
he sees the world with 20/200 vision ~
where as the rest of us view the world at 20/20.
He is a  Delightful little man, I enjoy spending my days with him!
and ~ some areas of schooling are challenging for us both..
the [...]

Lofty Goals ~

Yep… you guessed it…
no first ever Seizing My Day giveaway today…
I am sorry!!
PLEASE forgive me?!!
It  IS  worth all this suspense !!
I think…
Apparently I had Lofty goals for a weekend home alone
with the kids
the dog…
so I guess I wasn’t alone…
I was just missing the hubby…  =)
I DID feed my children
and clean a bit of my house [...]

If You Leave the Cupboard Door Open ~

While you are baking breakfast cookies for your man
To take with him on HIS weekend away
from you.. (I am just sayin)
So he can go to his annual Linux Fest computer “geek genius” conference
not that you want to reward your man for leaving you home alone for the weekend
with 2 kids and that dog
whom you will [...]

Pioneer Woman Book Signing

Yep… its true…
On Saturday morning…
I opened my PW cook book…

to the Angel Sugar Cookie page….

and I baked a batch of the most delicious sugar cookies EVER…

YUMMY! I had to taste them!!
I wanted to bake  something yummy for the kids to eat…
while My Man took me to Seattle…
for a Date day…..
in the Rain…
The POURING rain…
First we [...]

Lucky Me ~

Why is it that I find so many of these ~
the darn things never bring me any luck ~

I mean really ~
every time I go outside I find 1 of these….
or 12 ~

The kids still find it exciting …
even though we have about 300 of the darn things!!!
This one we found yesterday…
It is “perfect”…

Love~ly !
That [...]

Playing with Raindrops

Raindrops fall……….
and leave behind little drops of beauty…

and if you look closely …
You will find the beauty in the rain…
I think the word lily should have 2 l’s ~ don’t you?
~ Lilly ~ much better!

Rain is  peaceful ~ sometimes!

Rain in the apple tree
Rain in the wheel barrel tire

Rain on the cherry tree

Rain on [...]

Making Our Own Seed Starting Pots ~

I am sharp as a Tack ~ Sharp as  a DULL tack anyway!!
I planned a little luncheon for Abby and her friends…
We found a great craft idea that was perfect for the little luncheon party!
It was on one of your lovely blogs ~ I can NOT remember Whose blog exactly?!!
~  SO please ~ [...]

What is it about Black and White Animals ~

It is not what you think!
I did not go and buy another black and white animal!
I am not that crazy….
though I would love another puppy to entertain Merlin!
and Abby would LOVE another puppy…
it doesn’t help that …
Our neighbor brought home a sweet little white fur ball this week!
When we went to meet the cute little [...]