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Our Long Weekend started with a play…

Our Long Weekend  started with some time off on Friday
well… The hubby took time off on Friday
So I could support kids all day!  =)
Friday I started my day watching the morning performance of my daughters play =)

She had a small part as a singer in the background
She is a shy little monkey ~ so the [...]

Choosing Home School Books = Stress

For those of you who don’t home school ~ or don’t have kids  ~ or your kids are grown
you might find this the worlds most boring post
or you might stay and read ~ taking a peek into my world ~
home schooling a child with 20/200 vision!  =)
In either case ~
How about a picture to put [...]

3 nights and 3 days

The Fun began Friday about 4:00 pm
Five Canadian relatives rolled into our driveway
and for 3 nights and 3 days
life was all about being enjoyed
It All Started With Pot Roast

Perfect Pot Roast

not one but

Have I mentioned  little girl LOVES Pioneer Woman’s recipes??
LOVES them!
She requested about 5 recipes from her cookbook b/c
she wanted to share the yummy [...]

Jenn’s List ~

While I am on the subject of Frog and Toad… (kinda)
since I have not posted in 3 days?
Jenn ~ hello ~ where are you?
what is wrong with me? =)
let me tell you.

This man was brilliant!  I LOVE his books.
I have read them to my kids since they were too young to remember!
I am not distracted
I [...]

The magic of Snail Mail ~

If you love to give or receive Mail
~ REAL Mail ~
in your mailbox
Then This Snail Mail Project
that Cyndy started recently
is a wonderful reason to pull out your stamps!
You can read about it on Cyndy’s blog
Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional

I have always wanted an old mailbox like this

there is something lovely about opening that kind [...]

It started with a weed or two~

I woke up today with the itch to get out and weed…
I love weeding
my body on the other hand
does not!
but I started weeding this flower bed anyway..
the one that I redo every other season!
Have I mentioned I have trouble with decorating?
I think that applies to flower bed decorating too…
notice all that open space I need [...]

Mr. Mailman, Bring me a post card ~ update ~

On April 27th
I wrote a blog post about our Post Card project ~

We started studying the 50 States and Capitals in January ~ and as I was pulling the lessons together I found a little project that someone had written to Family Fun Magazine about ~ they started by writing family and friends ~ asking [...]

Camping in Cannon Beach ~

Welcome to Sea Ranch RV Park and Stables …
site 14E

We used to stay in their cute little cabins…
but last year we had the stupid brilliant idea
that we should introduce our kids to tent camping..
besides we are on a tight budget…
especially after having my 3rd and 4th crown placed today
I don’t want to talk about it…
camping… [...]

Puppy Beach Shake~

cold very cold
wet very wet









Someone didn’t exactly love the beach!

he didn’t like the cold water
the waves scared him
he wasn’t allowed to be off leash
like the big dogs
he didn’t like his pack
running around like chickens without heads
in the scary cold waves
that is
until he met the great dane
and the mommy let him off leash
He was hysterical!!
and no…
it [...]

Find Bliss Here ~

Ya hoo

The Happiest Place on Earth!

we heart the beach!
Look at all that BLUE sky!!

Life is grand at the beach!
2 days of Sun!

with nothing to do

except have fun

a little wave jumping

looking at the tide pool creatures

What is that white dot in the center of the pink??

amazing creatures really

simple beauty

in such small creatures

thousands of them!

just a few [...]