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8 years times 365 days

equals 2920 days of LIFE!  =)
My sweet little boy had his 8th birthday this month!

Celebrating Sammy’s Life is precious to me…
but before I get all mushy…
Let me show you all the fun we had celebrating Sammy!
I love involving them in the planning…
we always have loads of fun creating games, mystery and crafts!
Ah… memories!
Sammy’s theme this [...]

Wake Up Sunshine

Seriously, last summer this time
Washington did NOT look like this!
I took this photo one day last week …
but it might as well have been today *sigh*
Hello!  it   IS summer
is it not?  =)
Today looks a bit gray …

Maybe Not quite that gray… but certainly not that blue either!~
I suppose I can be thankful for [...]

I am not sure which hurts more

My pride
or my hand

that my friends is a bacon grease burn
can you say OUCH!
5 hours later
gallons of cold running water
thousands of frozen peas
fabulous Pain killers
(the kind you  get when you have root canals…lucky me I had 2 recently)
I am currently under the influence of said drugs
but my “pain” is bearable now…
I just have one thing [...]

Whose Dog is That?

who is this dog?

he IS cute

and very familiar

that tail…
I know that tail…

and that face…


that is definitely MY dog!

sporting his new Big Boy Summer Look…

Didn’t these ladies do a GREAT job!!  =)
Don’t worry  Merlin…
You will thank me later…
the sun is shining in the PNW
you will be much cooler
in the summer heat

and it will grow back…
Merlin turned [...]

I must be living under a Rock =)

Seriously ~ why am I always the last one to  learn about cool things?
just call me the Pokey Little Puppy ~ ok ~
alrightygoodthen =)
Do you all know what Geocaching is??   =)
See I knew it.
I AM the last one again!!
I felt the same way when I discovered blogging last winter!
moving on
to give credit where credit is [...]

Who needs gold at the end of a Rainbow?

It all started with an

A Lemon

and A Lime

Zest, Zest, Zest
Love LOVE this little Zesting tool
I acquired mine at Haggen Top Food and Drugs

After zesting these babys
I squeezed the life right out of them

alright maybe not …
I have carpel tunnel or something like that
so my squeeze is not what it used to be
stupid carpel tunnel??!!
“moving on” [...]

Intermission =)

I know I said I was taking a blogging break all week…
This is simply an “intermission” …   =)
it gives me stress
thinking about all the things I will want to post by Saturday
so really this is just a stress release
and boy howdy do I need a stress release
and since I can’t afford a Hot Stone Massage…
Photos [...]

The Sound of Silence

sh……….. do you hear that?
the birds are chirping
(I don’t even want to talk about the fact that MY cat broke that sweet birds wing!!)
*cough – darn cat*
the squirrels are chattering
the dog is snoring
my music is playing
and I can actually hear it all!
uninterrupted !!
On Friday Afternoon
After a doctors appointment (more on that later)
After a vet appointment [...]

Wonder Twins, Cowboys and Alligators

What in the world do The Wonder Twins, Cowboys and Alligators have in Common?
It is simple really
Let me tell you

They all sent us mail this week.

We had a few giggles with the post cards that arrived this week.
This Post Card Project has been a Blast for the kids
and the mom!

We received surprise post cards in [...]

Jenn’s Chicken Curry Lentil Soup

This My Friends …
My Chicken Curry Lentil Soup
is One of my personal favorite meals

My lovely Friend Nancy at The Goat and the Kid
is having a fun new blog hop about family food!!

So without further ado … stick around to see what I am cookin…
and then click over and see what other mom’s are cooking at [...]