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Sometimes when it rains……

I had to 2 teeth pulled on Friday.
I actually felt OK on the weekend.
It is now Monday night.
and my healing is NOT GOING SO WELL.
I think I feel worse today than the day after even!
they had to “dig” one out…
and my face is swelling and not seemingly going down.
I am pretty sure I am [...]

In Summer of 2005

we did a little patio painting

don’t worry it was washable paint
our landlord would have come unglued had he seen us  =)
we didn’t even own a  home yet!
5 years ago We picked flowers

with the help of our trusty tricycles!   =)

We climbed trees.
with the help of our trusty tricycles
(which you can not see in this pic! *sigh*)
But [...]

Heart Healthy Chocolate Cookies???

Well.. I can not prove it… But….
Maybe they are a little more heart healthy with my changes!
remember I break rules and I don’t follow recipes
I am like that.

Chocolate Heaven on a plate!
don’t forget
… all my photos are being taken ‘blind’…
just sayin.  not the greatest pics…
But for a broken camera… I won’t complain!
So here’s my secret.
Buy [...]

Gettin Ready

just buyin a few things we need

so we can use our new key chains…

see the words Athletic club?
Yeah baby!
( I can’t believe I just said that I HATE Austin Powers!)
We took the financial plunge now that our kids are finally SWIMMERS!!  =)
It makes it feel more worth the monthly fee when we can all benefit [...]

Can it Be ??

Can this really be happening?
Is MY dog…

My CAT chasing dog…

The wild and crazy Cat Harassing Dog…

the one who thinks the cat is a dog
or he is a cat

That dog
has been doing a little of this lately

MY CRAZY dog is mellowing out
a little
and being nicer to the kitty
look at this

he rested his head
while she was on [...]

B is for …

B e e s

B e r r i e s

B e a u t i f u l  daisies
b u i l d i n g   “houses”

b a d decor
aren’t those the ugliest end tables (?) you have ever seen??
(Sadly, I am almost sure we had these when I was a kid…
maybe I am [...]

2 Little Monkeys

Sittin in a tree

H. U. G. G. I. N. G.

(you thought I was going to say kissing didn’t you?!)
First came love
Then came marriage
( and then comes the honeymoon !! )

Came babies in the baby carriage!
(no pics sorry we hadn’t gone digital yet)
and the years go by

THEY grow up
and  then  YOU   join  THIS   club

And [...]

Thuumbs Up

Thumbs up to me…
Late last night I managed to put a huge gash across the top of my thumb!
Are You Kidding Me??  is what came to mind!  =)
my life is full of never ending medical  “hiccups”…
I can hardly type now

Good Times!!
I am using a splint to keep it straight so I don’t bend open the [...]


You just need to stop and SMELL the roses

or LOOK at the moon

ya know?
Tonight is the start of the Perseid Meteor Shower…fun fun!
A great night to slow down and snuggle up in sleeping bags in the back yard!  =)
that is what we are planning to do!

the sista weekend away

This is my sista

she funny.
We may or may not be mocking these fairy sunglasses at this moment
what on earth was that designer thinking?
I apologize if you like said fairy sunglasses….
I am sorry… really I am…
I don’t know why they made us laugh so hard! =)
KK and I spent a LONG time in the car [...]