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Happy Halloween

thats all folks… just wanted to make an appearance and
wish y’all a Happy and Safe Halloween!  =)
I am still nursing an extremely stiff and sore neck
life is all about the couch, the muscle relaxers and ice packs the last few days…
Prayin this passes soon… I am not a huge fan of lying around for DAYS…
and [...]

Somedays when you wake up

The Sun rises
and blesses you a
peaceful ~ easy feeling…

and you naturally take on a
sunny disposition for the day
after witnessing this
small beautiful glimpse of
the gorgeous world God blessed us with

you see the sun
peekin through the trees
trying to shine for the day…

you feel
a little wilted
not quite yourself
the bugs have been eating away at your leaves
your head is [...]

Brought to you by the Letter … G

G.  g.

this “hardy” gardenia didn’t bloom all summer….
what on earth is it doing NOW?  cold. wet. October.
G. g.

Have you ever seen this book??
Funny!  My kids love it!  still.  they are 10 and 8.  =)
Well… ok… the 8 year old still loves it.

crazy things happen to that giraffe and a half…
G. g.

not a [...]

Sometimes it is EMBARRASSING

to have the CUTEST dog on the block…
seriously …
this guy

gets an obscene amount of attention!!
really!  I am NOT kidding…
So many people stop in their tracks for Merlin!!
I can not tell you how many strangers
GUSH over him… it is CRAZY!
Today my neighbors took Merlin
(and Me) to the dog park

and it was ever so slightly embarrassing!
other dog [...]

Gingered Cranberry Sauce

Are you a fan of cranberry sauce??
Do you like it or LOVE it?
Do you like it from a can?  a jar?  or homemade?
We love it in this house!
shocker actually with my 2 picky eaters~!!
So .. Homemade Cranberry is a MUST in our house on Thanksgiving!
We love it ON our turkey!!
and after Thanksgiving we use it [...]

Finishing what I start

seriously it takes me so long to finish what I start!
I swear I should be living in Hawaii…
where the world is “more relaxed”  … right?!
Yep… I am going to go with that!
So anyways…
I start projects (or blog posts) all the time…
and take months to finish them. or I start something else and put it on [...]

Pumpkin Hunting

Measuring up

bigger little pumpkins

a boy on a tractor …
once upon a time he was very little and giddy on this tractor!
must dig out that photo!



more cousins
very slim pickins

walkin away

the pre-picked bin will have to do
here comes the train again

home to see the sisters puppy

and don’t forget her old lady dog


Snuggling with Stella!!
Merlin is going to [...]

Have You Every Seen a Fairy?

I am not sure how or when they were discovered…
one day they quietly breezed in and stole my little girls heart
and her imagination!!

The Rainbow Fairies appeared first
The Color Fairies ~ not pictured above are the first of the Rainbow Fairies…
Next the Jewel Fairies appeared…
The Weather Fairies…
The Days of the Week Fairies…
The Animal Fairies…

One of theRainbow [...]

A new flute player is in town…

While taking photos for Barb Phillips  alphabet challenge this week…
The letter F…
I found heard this Fantastic little Flutist

and I Felt she needed her own Feature on my blog! =)
She is a quiet spirited little flute player
who leaves little footprints where ever she goes
She is soft spoken, shy, gentle, kind, obedient, good mannered …
You might not [...]

Fall Weekend Fun

Fall Soccer = Wet Soccer =)
The girls actually don’t seem to mind
playing in the rain

my little chick scored 2 goals this Saturday…
Fall Season Abby scored 7 goals in 5 games!!
Way to go Abby!  =)
This Photo is compliments of my friend Tammy’s husband…. aka the assistant coach! Bless you Coach… it is really hard [...]