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Touring our Capital City with OMSH =)

Do you all read the home school section of The Pioneer Woman’s blog??
Ree’s friend Heather from Oh My Stinkin Heck often guest posts in the Homeschoolin section of Ree’s blog.  I love Heather’s posts!! Recently she has been posting about their lessons in Geography!!  I heart Geography ~ and Sammy and I happen to be [...]

Sunday Scavenger Hunt 11-28

Sunday’s post is Something I look forward to every week now …
if I could only get it up and running on Sunday and not 12 am …the next day!!  haha!!
Sunday  Scavenger Hunt …
It’s A photography thing… =)

Hosted by Ashley!!
Every week the list of 5 things to capture changes…
Add’s a little Fun & Adventure to [...]

Goin with the flow

Some days you just wake up and realize
you just hafta STOP

and go with the flow   =)
you have to change gears
cancel appointments
set down the dirty dishes
put away the broom
and the mop  (ha ha ha)
suit up
put your smile on

my kids usually DON’T do well
when “LIFE” gets in the way
and they have to switch gears
They don’t [...]

A Cold Sunday

Hosted by Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos.
This Weeks Scavenger Hunt List:
1.  The View Above
2.  Something Hot
3.  Something Cold
4.  Electronic
5.  Sparkle
My broken camera was not very nice this week…
I wasn’t very happy with this weeks pics…
and then it snowed!the quality still isn’t great
but I was happy with the theme
and the art of my shots I [...]

A Blustery Week =)

Washington receives its fair share of  blustery days in November.
our week started off with strong winds

leaving behind a flurry of fall leaves and branches

Huge branches were fallin off our Evergreen trees.
this branch has yet to be removed a few days later
maybe Sammy and I will venture out tomorrow
and find a new home for it!??

smaller deciduous [...]

J is for Jenn…

no image available…
Oops… I am very late for a very important J date!!  =)
well… since it runs all week technically… I think I am ok, right?  =)
sorry folks…
busy week!  (ugh)  

The Alphabet Letter Challenge ~ featuring the Letter J.

ain’t she pretty?!!  She brings me JOY!
It doesn’t look like it was raining in this picture…
the [...]

Monday Monday

After a long busy weekend away visiting family…
a little late… however …. I managed to join Ashley’s

1.  Self Portrait

after too many hours in the car this weekend
and not enough sleep
2.  Handmade

by my baby
The Best Fall Art
3.  Orange

be still my heart
sweet puppy
(trying hard to NOT hear him wrestling the poor cat on the stairs right [...]

The thing about Grits

Do y’all know what Grits are?
if you are from the South
I have no doubt in my mind you not only KNOW what Grits are
but you LOVE them too… right?!
If you are not from the South
Don’t worry… You can buy Grits in your local grocery store.
in a very small section of the hot cereal isle.
Somewhere near [...]

Ginger Pumpkin Cookies by Betty

I grew up with Betty.
My sister is the keeper of our momma’s 1970’s edition of Betty’s cookbook.
the old orange one we grew up using.
I wish I had a picture of it… must do that next time I am visiting my sister!
Betty … she taught me to bake.
Betty she KNOWS baking.
She does.
I still Love Betty.

Fast forward
*cough, [...]

The way “I” see It


how many rulers does one family need?  =)

One inch

You know I have to say it…  I am So IMPRESSED with my broken camera
taking a decent close up shot… blind and without the macro setting
little blessings.   ha ha.

Igloo plus a few characters and a good sense of Imagination
equals Hours of Entertainment!

do you all know [...]