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A Sneak Peek in my world

Its Sunday again…
Time to take a sneak peek in my world this week.
Every Sunday I am following along with a couple of fun photo challenges.
The 365 day challenges are a Fabulous inspiration…
taking a picture a day encourages me to capture more moments in my week
I love the challenge of capturing at least one thing a [...]


Do you naturally see the glass half full or half empty??

I am naturally a half empty kinda gal.
I hate that about myself.
always have.
I get tired of my own half empty attitude!!
So I work hard to keep my mind on the glass is half full side of life.
but it is hard work.
and Sometimes I get Tired [...]

Houston I have a problem

So some of you know I  home school one child
and the other is in public school
I have a love hate relationship with this set up
all for another day….
that is Just how the cookies crumbled around here
I volunteer every year in my little girls class…
THIS YEAR I have been the art mom once a month
stepping out [...]


Corn Meal Mush that is   =)
When you hear that you think
orphanage food right?
if you grew up in the 70’s you might think about
Shirley Temple eating mush
or in the 80’s?
Annie singing a song about the sun coming up right after she ate mush?
I love the stuff!!
It is like Tamale Pie only easier I think?!!
and it is [...]

2011 Week 4 & Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Hello folks.
It is week 4 of my A picture a day for a year in 2011~
since I failed last year… I am a girl on a mission this year!!  =)
anyway… my weeks pictures are also inspired by
Ashley Sisk’s Sunday Photo Scavenger Hunt List!
This week’s items are:  Memories, Silhouettes, Doorways, Reflections and Silver.
I decided to [...]


You have some splainin to do Lucy!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Lucy…
do you all know that??
Mr. McFunny and I  didn’t name Abby Lucy…
well… because the name Lucy DOES NOT go with our last name!!!
You are going to have to TRUST ME on that one…
sorry… I don’t share all our personal info publicly!!
Lets just say [...]

Love is just a memory now

my beautiful mama’s 62nd birthday should be celebrated today
instead it is an emotional day for me/us
it has been nearly 10 years since she left this earth
some days the emotions are stronger than ever
Her birthday is always one of those weepy days

I wanted more years with her
I wanted her to love on my babies
and watch them [...]

Something to do with the Moon?

I am feeling a little crazy today
I am not sure if it has something to do with the fact that
my hubby and I  have been burning the midnight oil
one too many nights!!
You see …
we have been staying up into the wee hours to watch

disc after disc after disc
of this hysterical tv series…
Have you ever seen [...]

Week 3 ~ January

Week 3 of 2011
(last week I posted 1 & 2 together) =)
Ashley Sisk’s Sunday Scavenger Hunt items for the week…
inspiring my choices for my 365 days as well!! Thanks Ashely!
1. Different View  2. Looking Up 3.  Abstract 4.  Hair and 5.  Half
Sunday Breakfast 9/365 Abstract ?

or you could call it Half
or even a [...]

I can’t believe he didn’t tell me!!!

(ok so I thought I hit publish LAST night at 12:30… or this morning! Apparently NOT… *sigh*  rats!!)

My husband is a
Poster Boy!!

Mr. Johnny Poser himself
has been posted all over the state for months!
Would you like a closer look at my man??
otherwise know as
Mr. McFunny
(in my world)

Yep… I married that guy…
the one dancing with [...]