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Evening Snow

My kids have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this night! The weather people predicted a lot of snow this winter We are a little disappointed that Washington has NOT had its fair share … yet… tonight it started lightly snowing at 5:30 pm by 7:30 there was just enough to play in… and […]

8/365 and a Sunday Scavenger Hunt

1. This is Me with a treasured  friend from the 80’s we missed a few years between the 80’s and now but we are the same as we always were natural friends soon we will live close enough to see each other a lot more!! yay! *and* This Is Me ~  Saturday  1/365 on New […]

I miss Fudge…

I am trying to be good and eat less butter and sugar this month and drink more water LOTS and LOTS of water! that is what any sensible girl would do after the holidays it is after all the time to focus on getting fit again =) only I miss Fudge… maybe it is because […]

Spinny Things

I love this little man! he loves creating building designing playing  =) Aren’t they fabulous simple machines Brilliant Fun! ……… I stayed up WAY too late last night. and my crazy mind is too tired to write. please don’t faint, ok!!  =) Have a Beautiful Creative Simple Day! Blessings~ Jenn

Memories, Dreams and Reflextions .. or something like that =)

A little photo walk through my year inspired by 2010 Me in my happy place with my little shadow I love you for ALL the little and Big things you do for me!! well…okay… I love love laughing everyday with you too! =) Still Laughing about these little panthers asking for cigarettes to go with […]