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Half done… or is it well begun?

Do you ever feel like many things in your daily life are only half done?  =)
I think I have accidentally coined that as my motto…   *sigh**
Mary Poppins says it this way:  “Well begun is half done!”
Bless you Mary Poppins… you make me feel a little better!
I have the Spring itch… to divide and conquer all [...]

Who knew Spring was so complicated? =)

Am I the only person who had no idea the first official hour of Spring was so complicated?  =)

I thought it was always March 21st?
A few blogs mentioned the first day of Spring on  Sunday March 20!
and I thought… hm… they must not know that it is always March 21st…
(ha ha ha ha ha… that [...]

3-19 Sunday Post

This week was a BUSY one
so I did not spend time capturing quality photos
Honestly I did not even write down the scavenger hunt list …
I did remember cell phone & chair – but I didn’t intentionally snap a chair…
between soccer practices and a game, home schoolin, volunteering at school, girl scouts, a wee band concert, [...]

Simple, Gluten Free and YUMMY!

If you visited my blog on March7th you might remember
the Creamy Taste of Italy  Soup I made
with these Trader Joe’s Sausages

the package did not say Gluten Free …
but there was nothing in the ingredients that lead me to believe otherwise!
anyway…I only used three of the four for my soup…
I had one left… what is a [...]

When Sparks Fly

Have you ever sparked one of these?

in your teeth?  =)
Many moons ago I learned this Science Experiment trick
It is fantastic entertainment for kids, teenagers, sleepovers, bible study groups, grown up dinner parties, family gatherings… you get the idea!
Here is what you need.

and Total DARKNESS!!  =)
oh… you only need ONE of those flavors…
but if you are [...]

3-13 Sunday Post

Sunday        65/365          Calm

baking is a very calming activity for me
I send the kids upstairs
I play music while I bake
it really is calming for me… I love to bake!!!  =)
Monday       66/365        Square crop

this is the same flower I pictured last week… =)
it was closed a bit [...]

I am SO Spaced Out

OK… that came out wrong…
but it brought back high school memories…
not that I want those memories flooding back into my
somewhat well adjusted adult head… =)
for those of you who were teens in the 80’s…
did we use that term a lot or is it just in my imagination??
Dude, I am totally spaced out… (he he)  yes?  [...]

Soup anyone?

My Taste of Italy Soup Recipe  =)
I’ll just call it that since it really doesn’t have a name…
I had a craving for a zucchini sausage soup that I have eaten before… but it was tomato based… and I had visions in my head of a cream based soup with asparagus… because I am lovin that [...]

Just another picture perfect Sunday

Sunday = a day of rest  58/365

snicker snicker

it was the only picture I took last Sunday!
sorry honey!  ha ha!  =)
Monday  Book    59/365

My little man read in front of an audience
for the first time Ever!!
**proud mommy**
Sammy read the part of  Saturn…
from the play in that BOOK the teacher his holding behind him!
I made a large [...]

lake monster art

for Abby’s class that is…
I am a home school mama and a public school mama
I home school my little man with really low vision….
he gets more personal attention that way!!  =)
but my little girl is in public school.
This crazy arrangement works for us … right now  =)
SO… Every year I spend a few hours each [...]