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No need to ramble… I’ll just get on with it…
my life in 30 pictures… for Nov2011 =)

meow… good bye October … hello November =)


our “home school” Fall view … I love our Fall View!  and I love this shot b/c the window looks like a corner window if you look at it just right… kinda? [...]

October’s over? ;)

October was a bit odd this year… usually by October my life is in Fall routine and I am going with the flow… but not this October…I should have known it was going to be an odd month … when my daughter started wearing her pillow on her head =)

Here is my Odd Month [...]

Mini Turkey Burgers (and Septembers 365’s)

Yum… right? =)   256/365

even my very picky eaters will eat these little babys!
they aren’t  my  kids “favorite” meal… but they eat em!
here is what you need    257/365

a couple cloves of garlic (I puree it on that fun little garlic plate)
a few fresh basil leaves
dried Italian herbs (for lack of fresh ones in my [...]