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The Drive to the library

After our mini blizzard – snow – ice storm
the kids and I took a trip downtown
to the library
this is pretty much how our afternoon unfolded:
(sweetly fitting into the Scavenger Hunt prompts this week!)
oops… this one was actually snapped the day before our library day =)

a wavy ripple pattern??
this was the day the sun came out [...]

There is something peaceful about a Blizzard…

Its Sunday!!   Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
Since our week was … well… Extremely EVENTFUL…
I couldn’t resist all the extra pictures!  Enjoy!!
Our week started off with a few inches of snow on Monday
and your Oh so typical
snow penguin with a tasty carrot nose and feet!  =)

seriously… look at MERLIN!! drooling…
Yep… he ate the feet and nose!
day 2 of [...]

Winter Flurry

Howdy Folks ~
I believe this week actually marks my 2nd year of blogging..
interesting.   =)
I started with such enthusiasm back then…
2 years later I have found myself struggling to blog
balancing my time is not my strong suit!
I am hoping to start fresh this year and put my heart back into it!
I miss it.  A LOT!
I loved [...]

I have issues…

with time management that is…..oh my stars!
I miss the land o blog…forgive me for being so very NOT present these days
I had issues before I got a temp/part time job… yikes… how will I ever keep up!!??  =)
Here is my last ditch effort to finish the 365 photo challenge (jenn style… 7 pics a week)

someone [...]