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Spring arrived “just” in time *yay* =)

I was getting worried Spring might arrive really late this year
b/c we have had such a wet, cold, wet, wet winter this year…
did I mention it rained a LOT this winter?  and snowed. a lot.
and it will likely rain a lot more … and snow even… between now and summer…
it is the sad sad truth… [...]

One of those kinda moods

As always… participating in Ashley Sisk’s …Sunday Scavenger Hunt =)
such a fun inspirational way to nudge oneself
to photograph a few things outside of ones box if you will…
I did cheat a bit this week (but it was intentional cheating) =)
**ps apparently my google friend connect/follow feature is gone now??**
I heard rumors that was going to [...]

I’ve come to the conclusion

That life will never slow down
I think that as my children grow older
Life will only get busier
I think
I should have been a beach bum!
I kid.  I kid.  (i think) =)
Let’s get straight to it … shall we?
I have had a really busy insane week and I am just too tired to chat.
much   …  (ha ha)
on [...]

March Routine

It is POURING rain outside today and I guess our March routine is about to set in
Rain, Rain and more Rain along with Soccer, soccer and more WET soccer =)
if we are “lucky” we might even see snow… *sob*sob*sob*
**I NEED to live somewhere Sunny**sigh** if only my family would agree to moving =)
away from family, [...]