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Counting Down the Days =)

Summer is fast approaching ~  4 weeks ~ 20 school days ~ =)
until then I have a few more trees to cut down
or… um… “use”  =)  May is my planning month for next year.
seek, find, order & photocopy (make large print), cut, fold and file. (whew)

The titles above are a few of my favorite curriculum [...]

Blessings ~ in disguise =)

Mothers Day is bitter sweet for some of us …=)
Moving straight into the Sunday Scavenger Hunt
I’ll explain as I go =)
(whats new there right?) =)
this weeks prompts were
Time, Close Up, With Mirror, Sidewalk and Inspiring
time is precious peeps ~

this is where I go on Mothers Day to give my mama flowers.  she loved lilacs… [...]

May is my insane month … ;)

Ever since I started home schoolin my son…
May has become my insane month. busy busy busy.
not only is May is my busy month …I have packed in a little too much extra to boot.
whew! (and it is only May 7)… yikes.
I could give you the list .. but I won’t.  just trust me.  busy!! [...]