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Summer is blissfully exhausting =)

its funny how we long for summer all year
we desire  summer 9 mo. out of the year
as if it is the most relaxing time of year or something?…
don’t we??
yet summer comes and I feel like we are WAY busy~er in summer!!
do y’all find that summer is blissfully exhausting too!!??  =)
I might be dreaming… but I [...]

Simply Summer =)

Sunday goes by so fast I can hardly blink sometimes!
Summer is also going by so fast I can hardly blink! =)
I hope to give my blog a face lift and maybe even take it more seriously!  or maybe I will get to that in the fall!
I desire to blog about food, crafty things and play [...]

tap tap… vacation? where’d ya go? sniff…

Hello Blog Peeps ~ remember me?
sad sad times in my house today. vacation is gone. gone. gone.
done. done. done.
over. over. over.
we skipped out of school a teeny tiny bit early
and drove to San Diego
from Washington. and survived!
kinda far. kinda long. kinda crazy. kinda fun.  =)
I heart vacation.  refuels a burned out mama.
awakens the soul.
and beach [...]