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12 ~ Twelve ~ A Dozen

My baby turned a dozen years old yesterday
she is roughly 4,383 days old now

*be still my heart*
my baby girl isn’t all exactly a baby anymore
She has turned into an amazing young lady!
A 7th grader now! yikes! where has the time gone?
Celebrating Abby comes easy!  Abby is  kind, loving, beautiful, funny, smart, talented,  musical,  mathematical, witty, [...]

Average Every Day ~ or not =)

I have an odd life.
I like odd.
I have a funny life.
I like funny.
I have a busy life.
no comment. the end.
have I ever mentioned that I love unique things?  quirky things?  out of the box funny and extra~ not~ ordinary?!  =)  like running across a giant knome while driving down a highway in British Columbia. (name [...]

F is for fencing… =)

howdy blog peeps…
I am late late late this week ~  last week we had 7 extra peeps in our house til Monday ~  thus my lack of attendance all together! oh dear!  Fall Routine is settling in slowly this week (kinda sad… I love and all… but…) anyway… by next week I should be right [...]