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May is my insane month … ;)

Ever since I started home schoolin my son… May has become my insane month. busy busy busy. not only is May is my busy month …I have packed in a little too much extra to boot. whew! (and it is only May 7)… yikes. I could give you the list .. but I won’t.  just […]

Oh What a beautiful… Week-end! =)

Sunshine. All. Weekend. = Bliss. Bliss. Bliss! We had a very busy week ~ weekend. This week will prove to be busier than last ~ yikes! So a semi- short post for this usually chatty chick.  =) On with the oh So Fun Sunday (Monday) Scavenger Hunt ! This week we were looking for:  Yellow, […]

April Sunday Post

Last weekend we volunteered at the annual Easter Egg Dash our church puts on for the community every year.. thus the word annual… anywho… that was Saturday… then we hopped in our trusty Honda and blitzed up to Canada to spend the rest of Easter Weekend and Easter Monday (we decided to take a Canadian […]

Spring is bursting from its seams!! =)

Arriving really late to SHS this week  =) (I missed last week all together…*sigh*) this weeks prompts were:  Life, New, Pink, Obvious and Fragrant Spring is in full swing this week and the weather was glorious! making for a wonderful spring break!! Blue skies plus sunshine (and birds, and frogs,  and green grass and flowers) […]

Spring arrived “just” in time *yay* =)

I was getting worried Spring might arrive really late this year b/c we have had such a wet, cold, wet, wet winter this year… did I mention it rained a LOT this winter?  and snowed. a lot. and it will likely rain a lot more … and snow even… between now and summer… it is […]

One of those kinda moods

As always… participating in Ashley Sisk’s …Sunday Scavenger Hunt =) such a fun inspirational way to nudge oneself to photograph a few things outside of ones box if you will… I did cheat a bit this week (but it was intentional cheating) =) **ps apparently my google friend connect/follow feature is gone now??** I heard […]

I’ve come to the conclusion

That life will never slow down I think that as my children grow older Life will only get busier I think I should have been a beach bum! I kid.  I kid.  (i think) =) Let’s get straight to it … shall we? I have had a really busy insane week and I am just […]

March Routine

It is POURING rain outside today and I guess our March routine is about to set in Rain, Rain and more Rain along with Soccer, soccer and more WET soccer =) if we are “lucky” we might even see snow… *sob*sob*sob* **I NEED to live somewhere Sunny**sigh** if only my family would agree to moving […]

Everybody Needs a Little Time Away…

do you ever just hit that point in the winter … when you really just need a little time away?  =) Last weekend Abby and I slipped away for the 4 day weekend. Thus my absence from the land o blog last week! A girly trip to visit our beloved friends and family from here […]

Artsy Crafty Time

Scavenger Hunt Sunday *on Monday* =) as much as I’d love to be on time for this each week our weekly Bible study falls on Sunday evening after juggling the children, home schoolin, sports, music, laundry!, life… most Sunday nights I am just too tired by the “end of the week”   =) this week was […]