Speaking of Really Tall Trees

Have you ever seen a 30 some odd foot high ox?


a 49 foot 2 inch Paul Bunyan?


My nearly 5 foot tall children are standing on Paul’s boot.

Paul is nearly 50 feet .

The tree pictured below is nearly 300 feet

The worlds tallest tree which fell in 1991 was 370 feet

The current worlds tallest tree is 360 some odd feet

It is also in the Redwoods

but we didn’t see it to my knowledge

We did walk on the fallen worlds tallest tree

before we saw this Paul Bunyan

and this giant tree

which  is 300 feet

that is 6 of those Paul Bunyans stacked one on top of the other

the same Paul Bunyan that my children are standing on.  =)


Crazy, eh?!

You can find Paul about 11 miles  outside of Crescent City CA (I think)

At The Trees of Mystery

where you can walk a trail and view some funky tall trees

before riding this up up UP into the forest

for the low low price of $43 dollars for a family of four

(or something like that) =)

even on a cloudy day

it is a fun little adventure

for the scary ride into the deep dark forest!

WAY up in the Sky!

did I mention scary?

don’t let those semi smiling faces fool ya…

they were scared too!

my heart stopped every time our cable car rolled over the support Poles

the poles holding the pully thing

At the top there is a small board walk

but the view was less than spectacular

on this particular cloudy coastal day

not even worth showing you ~ I swear!

We did spy this beauty up there

it is a fallen tree with 5 or 6 trees growing off of the fallen trunk!

New Life sprouting off of old growth ~ Crazy!

If my memory serves me correctly

the Redwood trees do not depend on a root base for growth!



Oh. Speaking of Crazy.

on our way up the trail to the sky train we saw

The wedding cathedral trees (??)

people actually book real weddings here

they get married standing in front of these 300 some odd feet high cathedral trees!

I don’t get it…


I wonder how much dough it costs?!  =)

hello … google?

it was however worth the $43 some odd dollars we paid

to go into the Trees of Mystery

We enjoyed it.

and Paul even winked at me!


Just before we went to the Trees of Mystery

We were at this lovely beach…

It was only $8 to visit

and I love love loved it there!

Though the trek down was a little unsettling…

Agate Beach in Patricks Point State Park

was beautiful!!


those who come down the scary trail

only make it about 20 to 40 feet down the beach

before they sit

and and start to dig in the sea of rocks

looking for agates

pretty stones

beautiful rocks

Everyone just sits around on the sea of rocks and digs

it is so funny!

I am not sure why I did not take pictures of the groups of people digging!

Everyone leaves with pockets FULL of rocks


I had to be dragged off the beach by my family!!


2 hours is how long we stayed

if even that ~ it was tragic!

I would plan a whole day there next time.

we didn’t explore much down that gorgeous coast line


we had to hike up the unsettling trail backwards

with an extra 25 lbs in our pockets.

Fine… maybe not exactly 25 lbs.

well now THAT is just embarrassing!


We did find a few true agates ~ I think?

I need to Go back there!


are you done hearing about my trip yet?

because tomorrow I have the MOST beautiful place to show you!

Our world is plum full of incredible places to see!



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