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The Great Thing About Summer

Is that you have Fun plans every other weekend!!  =) Last week I was here with my babies and my man! And this weekend I will be somewhere down here with my sister! No KIDS!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Have a great weekend!  =) See ya all Monday! Jenn~

Bad Bad Kitty

Because of this BEAST I will never ever EVER walk barefoot in my backyard again! Ever! *shudder* I will wear boots. Big, Knee high, leather, work boots. with Steel toes! IF I even GO in my own back yard ever again! Bad bad kitty! brought this home yesterday! I mean as if dead bird parts […]

Speaking of Really Tall Trees

Have you ever seen a 30 some odd foot high ox? or a 49 foot 2 inch Paul Bunyan? Facts: My nearly 5 foot tall children are standing on Paul’s boot. Paul is nearly 50 feet . The tree pictured below is nearly 300 feet The worlds tallest tree which fell in 1991 was 370 […]

I Stand in Awe

The Redwoods ~ are big trees crazy big trees soooooooooo big you can drive through it  =) Soooo  big when you are 4 foot 8 inches or 4 foot 4 inches you have to jump really high in the air to touch the top of the bottom of the tree!  =) I live in Washington […]