Cake Pop trials ~ Take One!

After bakin our cake

lettin it cool

crumblin it up

mixin in the frosting

rollin the balls

and freezin em…

it was finally time for dippin !

My little chicklet was SO ready to try her hand at it!!  =)

we didn’t have the BOOK in our possession on Friday

with all the tips on how to properly dip a cake pop

So we tried our hand at cake pop dippin

merely on mama’s memory of what I remember reading on Bakerella’s blog!!

let me tell ya…

the memory is about as sharp as a dull tack these days!

so we had a few disasters along the way


they were sliddin down the lolly pop sticks…

b/c we pushed them in more than half way…


and they were fallin off the sticks…


b/c we pulled them all out of the freezer at once

instead of putting them in the fridge

and pulling a couple out at a time!  =)

never mind that the dip was too thick for the first few

and we had to reread the packaging

to find we could “thin” it with lard

yep… lard (ew!)  =)

why? why do we like things made with lard SO much??!

*cough, cough*


we DID have a few turn out…

Cute stuff!

please don’t mind the amazing wrinkles on my hands!


In the end…

we gave up and dipped most of the balls solo

which we sprinkled and just called em cake balls!

oh wait… Bakerella calls them cake balls!!  =)

And We tried our hand at this…

and place them neatly on top of these

which we also dipped in the candy coating

after they hardened a bit

we dipped the whole top in to complete the ice cream cone

not bad, eh?!!  =)

A happy girl with a successful cake pop “ice cream”!!!

Makes the mommy’s heart all happy inside!  =)

We only used one color for the “test” ice cream pops…

but we plan on makin fancier ice cream cake pops

with white candy coating

dipped in chocolate candy coating

with sprinkles and a “cherry” on top… =)

for Abby’s birthday celebration at school this week…

Stay tuned!

Even with all our failed attempts at making the pops

and feelings of inadequacy

that I will NEVER Ever

be able to get a regular cake pop to look cute

never mind the adorable animal ones…

(they are much harder to make than you might think!!)



Even with our failed attempts at the Cake Pops…

I had to do it…

I had to try to make an owl….

just one!

not “too” bad for my first  attempt…

now remember….

they won’t be blue at the “real” birthday…

we just didn’t want to waist our precious candy melts all at once!!  =)

he turned out kinda cute for my first try…

WITHOUT the book!!!  =)

I’d give him a name …

except I already ate him!

Whoooot  Whooooot !!

Oh my word…

they are Deeeeee vine!!



I had NO idea!!

Lord help me!!

I am going to need self control this week!!

as we practice making one more round

and then make the actual ones for school party

and then the cute ones for the friend party!


Wish me luck!


I realize I really didn’t tell ya’all about my weekend…

I just couldn’t wait to share my first cake pop experience!!



AND I am just going to keep explainin this  til the sun don’t shine anymore…

I am SO SORRY my pictures are SO bad!!  bad lighting… poor quality…

smudges… poor focus… blurry…  you name it… just BAD pictures!

I am still heartbroken that I busted my camera!!  *UGH*

I mean… I should be happy….

at least it takes photos…

I could have nothing!

Focusing would be nice…

being able to actually SEE what I am taking would be lovely!

but beggers who drop their cameras can not be choosers…

especially after spending her life savings on dental work!

I promise I am not looking for pity…

just explaining WHY my pictures have significantly gone down hill in quality!!  *sigh*

I will get over it…


I will!

At least I can fall back on my “vintage” camera!

you know …

the kind with FILM!

for special times like Abby’s 10th birthday Party!!



I am done now!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

I will tell you about mine tomorrow!  ha!

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