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Not Ready to Say Goodbye

Summer… come back… =) this has been one of the “fullest” summers I think we have ever had!! busy busy busy! Yet ~ full of fun ~ and I am plum tuckered out! just plain tired! =) and~  looking forward to routine (a little) but man alive…  I hate to say goodbye to summer **sigh**! […]

Sunny August Days Are almost gone… *sigh* =)

I’m humbly apologizing with Ashley this week… =)  I  posted with SHS last week and then promptly went to the beach (oh wait… Ashley didn’t do that)… It was the “not” visiting anyone’s blog after joining the fun part… *ugh*… I had good intentions of browsing before our trip to the beach… but the laundry…dishes…packing…shopping…etc. […]

Seizing every Summer day! ~ SSH style =)

Summer has been keeping me on my toes… I get way too busy dizzy busy! we are having fun… planning fun things and engaging in fun things… youth group, tennis, kung fu, camping, geocaching, weddings, friends, family,  church, BBQ’s, hikes, walks, the beach, board game nights,  house full more than not, sleepovers, crafts, climbing trees, […]

Simply Summer Fun

Howdy Blog Peeps =) Summer is blissfully passing by way too fast … for this stay home mama… how about you??!….thus my one blog post a month lately!  =) I’ve been Seizing my days … enjoying my beautiful quirky family.. playing hard… loving….serving…  spending time with our church family… our real families… our friends… our […]

Summer is blissfully exhausting =)

its funny how we long for summer all year we desire  summer 9 mo. out of the year as if it is the most relaxing time of year or something?… don’t we?? yet summer comes and I feel like we are WAY busy~er in summer!! do y’all find that summer is blissfully exhausting too!!??  =) […]

Simply Summer =)

Sunday goes by so fast I can hardly blink sometimes! Summer is also going by so fast I can hardly blink! =) I hope to give my blog a face lift and maybe even take it more seriously!  or maybe I will get to that in the fall! I desire to blog about food, crafty […]

tap tap… vacation? where’d ya go? sniff…

Hello Blog Peeps ~ remember me? sad sad times in my house today. vacation is gone. gone. gone. done. done. done. over. over. over. we skipped out of school a teeny tiny bit early and drove to San Diego from Washington. and survived! kinda far. kinda long. kinda crazy. kinda fun.  =) I heart vacation. […]

Sunday Post (plus one) =)

Sunday’s are busy days for us with church in the morning typically followed by errands and a little family/dog time before we head off to our bible study group so that is why my Sunday Post always happens on Mondays in case you were wondering!  =) if I even manage to get one up! *cough* […]

Counting Down the Days =)

Summer is fast approaching ~  4 weeks ~ 20 school days ~ =) until then I have a few more trees to cut down or… um… “use”  =)  May is my planning month for next year. seek, find, order & photocopy (make large print), cut, fold and file. (whew) The titles above are a few […]

Blessings ~ in disguise =)

Mothers Day is bitter sweet for some of us …=) Moving straight into the Sunday Scavenger Hunt I’ll explain as I go =) (whats new there right?) =) this weeks prompts were Time, Close Up, With Mirror, Sidewalk and Inspiring Time time is precious peeps ~ this is where I go on Mothers Day to […]