Camp Sparkle Day 2 ~

Butterfly Butterfly

Happy all Day!

Today we sewed Butterflies ~ Adorable ~ simple ~ Darling Butterflies!

A Beautiful Craft I found on another blog

and have forgotten where I found it!!

Oh NO!!

Please Please…

if I found this idea on your blog

comment and I will shout you out!!  =)

*** Update ***  It was Jill from A Pocket Full of Posies ***

That is where I found this Wonderful craft idea!


I am hopeless!

(I think my little chick is a happy camper this week!)  =)


the girlys loved doing this project

at our very own Camp Sparkle!

They traced, sewed, giggled and laughed all day!

The butterflies turned out darling!!

I think they  would have stayed all day

and the butterflies would have multiplied!!

another grown up would have been nice to tie knots and such…

I got a little stressed at times trying to keep up with them!!

I will plan that better next time … =)

but we laughed it off…

or maybe eating the Pioneer Woman’s  Texas Sheet Cake made it all better?!

And Then there was Merlin


you all know he HAD to be involved too!


wanna see what he did today?

he stole a tracing pattern…

no biggie…

we had tons.

but I don’t have tons of this!!!   grrrr……..

naughty puppy!

there are days..

when I threaten to take him back to where we got him…

and ask for an older model!

He also chewed a flip flop (no picture)

and he escaped out the back door TWICE!!

again no picture ~

I was busy looking for him the speedy little sucker!

that is his new trick ~

bolting out the back door!!


these little rascals didn’t help…

they are the ones who left the door open!!

All is Well…

every one was happy and HERE at the end of it all!  =)

speaking of the end.


I am tired.


I should be in bed.

no fancy writing tonight (this morning)

Oh ~ yes I am a night owl… a stupid one… =)

really Good night.

The End!

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