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Dog-gy Christmas Fun

It has been a while since I have featured Merlin don’t think for a minute it is because he has been behavin!! because he ain’t!! =) anyway… Merlin got to open his presents FIRST on Christmas morning! we figured it would give him something to do while we opened ours a little more peacefully!!  =) […]

December Sunday Scavenger Hunt

1.  Family we have some new family members that joined our family Christmas morning the kids were SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to receive a Basset Hound Webkinz!! Abby LOVES Charlie the Pioneer Woman’s Basset Hound My little girl and her best friend quote the dialog from this blog post about Charlie eating sausage it is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny! […]

The Gift

Merry Christmas!! This little song is a beautiful reminder … we all have a simple gift to give Jesus… our hearts. our minds.  our lives.   =) the young gal who posted this on you tube wrote the lyrics out herself. it may not be perfect… but her heart was in the right place!! =) […]


Crafting with letters one of my favorite things… need a quick Christmas gift idea? all you need is magnets and scrabble letters the old magnet from your 2010 magnetic calendar will do. and a little hot glue!! or you could just put them on the tray too randomly around your house. or gift them! its […]

Christmas crafting, baking and Pirates

So I was baking pumpkin bread yesterday which had nothing to do with Christmas crafts or baking or pirates until I started to hear this: Sammy “aye matey…” “and then he blew off her mothers arm” me… “huh?” Abby “agrrr… and then this guy had to walk the plank” Sammy “yeah… and then he was […]

A wintery Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.  Winter this one I am kinda cheating… my son took this pic on my birthday (Dec3) you see my sister Linda has NEVER been pictured on my blog yet!! really?  how can that be?? Anywho… for exactly 40 days… in Winter… Linda and I are both 40!!! yep.  same age for only 40 days […]

N is for Nine

Nine days people  =) 9   ~   N i N e more days until Christmas morning… the panic is settling in now  =) crazy days of many crafts, art projects, helping in the kids classes, baking, teacher gifts, neighbor “gifts”, shopping, Christmas letter still to write (*sigh*) daily advent, regular life, home schoolin… breathing…. […]

Delightful December Sunday Photo Hunt

Always the last to join!! One day I might actually prep this Photo Scavenger Hunt post the night before Sunday?~!! wink, wink… who am I kidding! Let the fun begin. This week we were looking for Holiday Colors, Winter/Holiday Icon, A Tree, Quiet and our Favorite Color 1. Holiday Colors hundreds and hundreds of little […]

M is for Memories in the Making

I have been a huge blog slacker lately and I am even slacking on photography fun This Weeks Alphabet Challenge is brought to you by the Letter M most of these shots were taken with my old broken camera I have not had MANY opportunities to use my New Camera Frankly, I am having a […]

Butter Baby Butter

Just for the record… because it IS a BIG one… Yesterday was a Landmark day in our lives!! My sweet man has been cancer free for 10 years!! (later I will clip in a picture… I am on the wrong computer for that!!)  =) 10 years ago yesterday I left my 2 month old baby […]