Crafting with letters

one of my favorite things…

need a quick Christmas gift idea?

all you need is magnets and scrabble letters

the old magnet from your 2010 magnetic calendar will do.

and a little hot glue!!

or you could just put them on the tray too

randomly around your house.

or gift them!

its fun.

try it!

or put them outside…

I am still trying to create a sign that says this…

a sign that I love.

the first two attempts didn’t turn out.

too plain?!

We make Christmas Scrabble gifts for Abby’s teacher every year.

Name plates usually.

with Scrabble letters and the tray.

Abby paints the tray and spells out Mrs. Soinso.

Simple, creative, fun… loved by all.

This year her teacher had a really LONG name…

we modified our traditional name plate this year

I couldn’t reveal her real name…

but this one made me giggle

made me think of Mrs. Pigglewiggle

Abby cut out squares of scrapbook paper

and we hot glued the paper to the letters

magnets to the paper


Lucky us the school has magnetic framing!!


Mrs. Lilpigsee LOVED it!  =)

Her past teachers have loved this gift over the years

We started making this gift 3-4 years ago?!

fun, fun, fun.

I made this 5 or 6 years ago??

I don’t love it..

but I do  like it

Lots of folks comment on how cool it is

I might redo it one day?

if I am feeling creative.

I made one for a friend

with her family’s names on it

can’t show you just yet…




I love playing with scrabble letters

the problem is

they are hard to come by in the thrift store

and I am out of popular letters!!

come on people donate your old games you don’t use … um…


I can give you my address

and save you the trouble of taking it to the goodwill!

Ha Ha!!

I might have to resort to ebay??



my sisters and I had this Santa photo take for our mom

when I was 21 ?

exactly 20 years after the first one was taken

same places on Santa’s lap…

different Santa.

I am trying to find inspiration to frame them?

I am thinking maybe full names instead of first initials?

2011 will be exactly 20 more years… yikes!

I might have to talk my sisters into doing it again this year

If mom were alive she would have loved it!

darn it   *sigh*

moving on before I go down that path!

It is 9 am

and my kids are still sleeping…



I think I need to leave my kids a message on the table this morning

before they wake up  =)

we are hosting a wee cookie party this afternoon

with neighbors who have become good friends!

but first we have a few things to do…

I love the power of words

Scrabble is the BEST!!

Do you play?  =)

time to join the real world

and wake my children

maybe I will get to visit your blogs today??

and see what y’all are up to these days before Christmas!

2 days.

I still need to wrap!!

and make Frango Fudge!

and buy groceries

and clean

and decorate cookies







Enjoy the day!!



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