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A week ago …

I was here and here looking at this with this guy and these guys wait a second !! who are these guys?? and how did they get there? I was with THESE guys leaping jumping dancing there is something about the beach…. *sigh* a week ago we were here The weather was a little cooler […]

Guess What I am up to?? ;)

well that was an easy clue I am afraid I am not very good at this another obvious clue, eh? ok these babies won’t help you at all… but aren’t they sweet … This baby might give you a clue.. but don’t mess with his mama or his papa! We are soaking up God’s beautiful […]

Camp Sparkle Day 3 – the final hours!

a few young ladies a mom or two … will do a few blank  canvases paper scissors ribbons buttons a little paint all being transformed with a little help from the magic collage pauge these little ladies now hold priceless works of art! Happy young ladies! After 3 busy crafty fun filled days… I am […]

Camp Sparkle Day 2 ~

Butterfly Butterfly Happy all Day! Today we sewed Butterflies ~ Adorable ~ simple ~ Darling Butterflies! A Beautiful Craft I found on another blog and have forgotten where I found it!! Oh NO!! Please Please… if I found this idea on your blog comment and I will shout you out!!  =) *** Update ***  It […]

Camp Sparkle Day 1 ~

Inspired by Nancy at The Goat and the Kid ~ we are now officially in full swing of Camp Sparkle!  =) After seeing Nancy’s posts about hosting a fun little craft week which she called Camp Cre8 Sparkle… I knew right away that I wanted to do something similar while my niece would be staying […]

If you were camping or on a road trip…

What kind of food do you bring? What is your favorite food to take camping? Do you have any on the road food secrets? Just wondering… say maybe if you were to plan a 7 day camping trip… down the coast or somethin… and this was your lodging… hypothetically what would you cook? what would […]

Stacy and Clinton would not approve…

I can splain Lucy!  =) I am in the land of comfort heaven! a weird sort of bliss has taken over my soul!! you see Back in high school… in the late 80’s… these are what I lived in… BOYS… Mens… Levis 501 jeans… **thump, thump, thump** do you hear my heart beating?? I’m just […]

Once upon a time….Lewis stole my heart too…

Before Merlin… the mischievous lovable mutt we adore! there was Lewis… Lewis stole my heart Lewis was a “purebred” Cavalier King Charles Spaniel We purchased Lewis on February 2, 2009 from a “hobby breeder” (huge mistake please don’t ever buy from back yard breeders !) Lewis quickly stole our hearts… (I know I know… he […]

The winner is…

Wait a sec… Vanna  is drawing the winners name… out of the lovely empty kleenex box… one day I will do a post on 101 ways to use an empty kleenex box… oh… sorry! The winning name starts with a letter B…. Congratulation Blue Cotton Memory!! You are the lucky Winner of my little summer […]

The best part of a hot day

who doesn’t love a good sunset?  =) One more day to enter my Giveaway ~ See y’all on the other side of the moon! Have a Great Saturday!