The best part of a hot day

who doesn’t love a good sunset?  =)

One more day to enter my Giveaway ~

See y’all on the other side of the moon!

Have a Great Saturday!

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  • 1 Julianne yazmış:

    you too 🙂 we leave him with danny’s parents–they live just 20 minutes north of us! very lucky that she sends us picture messages every hour!

  • 2 Claudia yazmış:

    I love sunsets A LOT!
    Have a nice weekend!

  • 3 Kate (Little Beach Bum) yazmış:

    Beautiful! I’m a big sunset lover too…thanks for the comment on my blog! Where in Washington are you from? I grew up near Olympia, and have lived in Eastern Washington (for school) and in Seattle! I hear it’s beautiful and hot over there right now – hope you are enjoying it! 🙂

  • 4 blueviolet yazmış:

    I think we had to go around a full moon too, right? Or maybe that’s tonight, I can’t remember!