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Everybody Needs a Little Time Away…

do you ever just hit that point in the winter … when you really just need a little time away?  =) Last weekend Abby and I slipped away for the 4 day weekend. Thus my absence from the land o blog last week! A girly trip to visit our beloved friends and family from here […]

Artsy Crafty Time

Scavenger Hunt Sunday *on Monday* =) as much as I’d love to be on time for this each week our weekly Bible study falls on Sunday evening after juggling the children, home schoolin, sports, music, laundry!, life… most Sunday nights I am just too tired by the “end of the week”   =) this week was […]

It was a lovely Sunny Week in Feb!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt… (or Monday in this case) =) This weeks prompts were:  Strike a Pose, Color Me Green, Hobby, Footwear and Shiny! its a fun little way to get creative with your camera during the week. Strike a Pose silly Nana has been obsessed with our fireplace this Winter she paces in front of […]

She still cooks…

Yep… that would be me… the she who still cooks (barely) if you make it to the bottom there is a carrot cake “recipe” (fyi) Some of you might actually remember my old blogging days ( a short two years ago…ha ha ha) when I shared recipes about once a week… anyone?? Bueler?   nevermind… =)  […]