Artsy Crafty Time

Scavenger Hunt Sunday *on Monday* =)

as much as I’d love to be on time for this each week

our weekly Bible study falls on Sunday evening

after juggling the children, home schoolin, sports, music, laundry!, life…

most Sunday nights I am just too tired by the “end of the week”   =)

this week was an artsy/crafty week for us which means BUSY… so I was tired!

anywho… with out further ado…this weeks line up…

Facial Features

look at that soft fuzzy snout… I love it!  =)

this sweet little face draws a LOT of attention when we go out in public

seriously… its kind of embarrassing how much attention he gets and hilarious!

here is an example:  yesterday at church an elderly lady approached me

introduced herself and told me she sees me every day at my daughters school

where she goes to pick up her granddaughter every day

and then she proceeded to say… and I quote…

” I was wondering if I could come and meet your adorable dog…he’s so cute with his curly ears, and I love that he has 3 white legs and one black leg… and his tail is always wagging… he is such a beautiful dog… I would love to meet him”…

I nearly lost it laughing… that she knew details about my dog… people notice he has one black leg all the time… I think what struck me so funny is that I feel a bit stalked… ha ha ha…

that seriously happens to us ALL. The. Time.! My husband calls him a chick magnet… but he attracts men too… LOL… he gives us lots o laughs that cute dog of ours…

speaking of hilarious he looks a little crazy in the shot I took right after that first one

big wide eyes

and that smirk!!

Shadow (fail)

blurry.  buzzard.  *sigh*  can you see the double shadow?

it was my only attempt at shadow this week!



this shot didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped either

but I still like it

I’m “drawn” to it… =)

(I’m a nerd)

Here’s another gold attempt

a friend of mine gave me that gold plated globe  necklace 20 years ago

I still carry it on my key chain… I love it….


Abby & I threw a surprise birthday party for our Pastor’s daughter this weekend

b/c the last 2 yrs before & after her birthday one of her grandparents passed away

within one year of each other …both times within days of her birthday…

causing her family to go out of state the week of her birthday 2 yrs in a row!

So…we decided it would be fun to bless her with a surprise party…

she turned 13 this year…

you only become a teen once in your life… it should be special! right?!  =)

I love how the fabric ribbons looked on the chandelier


at the surprise party we spiced up these duck tape notebook covers

(yep it is actually called duck tape) funny.

I bought some short 1/2 size legal pads from Office Max

and we made reusable covers for them

(they can change the legal pad out when its full)

they turned out SOOOO cute!

the girls even spiced up the legal pads!

I realize my shots are a bit blurry/sloppy this week…

alas… we had a fun artsy crafty week… I was distracted!!

So I can’t really let you go without sharing Sammy’s art…

here is what he created with the pencils and watercolors…

cute, eh?!~

he takes classes at a public school program for home schoolers

It is such a fantastic program… we love love love it!

anyway his teacher asked him to make an art project for the School Board

we are giving each member of the board framed artwork from students

to show them how important this program is to many home school kids in our community.

We used  the 1, 2, 3 Draw Knights, Castles and Dragons

by Freddie Levin.. they are great books teaching basic drawing skills

one of the teachers at the program introduced me to those books

we own the 1, 2, 3 Draw Wild Animals … love love.

anyway here is another one he did for himself

the first one we worked on step by step together (me drawing on my own paper)

his turned out WAY better than mine… kinda funny… nope you don’t get to see mine!

Anyway… this one he did free style on his own.  =)

This week we are going to build a volcano!  wish us luck!!  ha ha

Have you ever built a volcano with your kid for science??

if you have any tips… we would greatly appreciate them!  lol!!

Have a great week folks!



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