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Simple Summer Pleasures

This was a stay home week for us… watching the neighbors doggies enjoying our back yard (and the neighbors back yard Sanctuary) playing in the summer sun… on the green grass… Grass about the only living “plant” I can keep kindof alive in my back yard… between the deer eating my shrubs…fruit trees etc… and […]

Hello Summer? Where’d ya go?!

Apparently I spoke too soon about sunshine in Washington… last week I was braggin about our perfect sunny 70 degree weather.. alas… it never lasts here in Washington… =) At least our grass will be green a bit longer… and the rain gave me a chance to capture a few lovely water drop shots this […]

Sunny Sundays

The last couple Sundays have been sunny around these parts. very sunny. a couple weeks of …  sunshine = *bliss*   =) this side of Washington only has 2 months or so of real sunshine… so this 70 plus degree weather we’ve been having is Wonderful!!  =) this was also my first week with very little […]

Oh…it isn’t Sunday anymore? =)

Hello land of Blog… ah… the joys of summer…   so distracting aren’t they?!! We have been to the beach, had friends visit and then followed them home… Here is a sneak peek… of my last two weeks in photos of course… attempting to follow the prompts of the last two weeks Sunday Scavenger Hunts …only […]