Hello Summer? Where’d ya go?!

Apparently I spoke too soon about sunshine in Washington… last week I was braggin about our perfect sunny 70 degree weather.. alas… it never lasts here in Washington… =) At least our grass will be green a bit longer… and the rain gave me a chance to capture a few lovely water drop shots this week! and it forced us to go on a Spontaneous Adventure to a far away land … er… well… a cute little town on the other side of the mountains… where the temps were a little nicer than this side of the mountains.. are you confused yet? Lets just move on to the weekly Sunday Scavenger Hunt list Shall we… =)

191/365 Bare

my baby grape vines are growing bigger this year than last

the fresh rain drops were so pretty falling off the “bare” vines

hopefully they will produce a little fruit this year

last year they were mostly bare … =)

Maybe we will get one bunch this year??!

192/365 Headlights

I found this old car in Cannon Beach a couple weeks ago and I happened to snap this shot… I liked the fun license plate and the old fashioned looking headlights…grill? …etc…etc.  lucky me… it fit into this weeks hunt!

I did take a few headlight shots this week… they were not my favorite pics… we’ll just use this one and call it good… ok?!  =)

193/365 *just because*

our neighbors were in Sunny Oregon this last week…so  Merlin got to play with Yuba for a couple hours each day… they pretty much teased each other with toys and ate grass together… they were like a couple of goats out there… in the rain… eating GREEN grass… (trying to keep a positive attitude with all this summer rain)   ha ha …  

194/365 Black and White

A month and a half after Abby’s Girl Scout Bronze Award Project… Raising PJ’s for the Pajama Program… we FINALLY were able to find a day to deliver the 80 PJ’s and 40 books Abby collected  to Treehouse for Kids in Seattle… The Pajama Program donates some of their drives to Treehouse for Kids…. A place where kids in foster homes can come and “shop” for free… glad they are finally one step closer to being used by kids who really need them!  =)  The Warehouse had some really fun kid friendly art around the bottom of the building/parking garage… Abby and I liked this one best…  she is such a dog lover… just like her mama!!  =)

195/365 *just because*

Friday we were supposed to go camping in Bellingham with grandma and grandpa… but the forecast was RAIN rain and more Rain… so we all decided to reschedule… but… it was depressing… hubby had the extra day off work… blah blah… so I googled and googled and googled until I found a fun (sunny) place…. in driving distance… to “play” for at least the day…  any guesses where we were??  =)

here is another clue…

I know ONE of my regular visitors will know where this is… actually she might even wonder why I didn’t look her up… I would love to meet up with her one day… as long as I don’t have to go into the deep dark forest to see her… ha ha… =)  anyway… I was VERY close to her home town… in my defense … it was SPONTANEOUS…and we were only there for 5 hours… we will be back… next time we WILL look you up… I swear… only I will need a phone number …you know who you are!!… he he…   =)

196/365 Reflections in Glass

OK… this cute little  humble “Bavarian” Town … is  full of shops, shops and more shops… ONE of the cute shops… featured The Pioneer Woman’s cook book in their window… =) I noticed it… and commented as we passed by… later My little girl snapped this picture… b/c she loves the PW … er… um… well… she loves Charlie… and all the cooking that comes into our home from our copy of her cookbook!!  =)  anyway… Abby took the picture without telling me… I found it later when I downloaded my pics…

do you see the Reflection of the Cars in the window??  Well done Abby!!  =)

197/365 Seeing Double

Double windows??  =)

Isn’t this Church BEAUTIFUL!!  =)


I loved it…

I had a “moment” with it…

does that ever happen to you?



hm… *awkward*  =)

Have a Beautiful Week!!



oh…the  cute little town… Leavenworth Wa… in the base of the mountains, along a river… adorable little town… fun shopping… charming character… good food… if only the KOA had a cabin available for the night… or we had thought about bringing our tent … never mind… it was a fun day trip… next time we will plan a longer trip there… and play harder… and sleep over night… the kids enjoyed the character of a fun new town… but… it was a long drive for a few hours of fun… ha ha ha… =)

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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    great pictures. Abby did a great job with the window picture too. hope you get to at least see a rainbow if you are going to have that much rain. we are in our rainy season now so we get rain almost every afternoon

  • 2 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    What a great set – I really love your bare shot!

  • 3 Stasha yazmış:

    My husband is off to Leavenworth, this week. it is pretty. Love your bare and reflection shots. And the car with Lebanese licence plate, vey cool.

  • 4 Cedar yazmış:

    The weather, yeah, sigh. We have been thinking about going to Yakima just for some sun; never thought of Leavenworth! That would be a lot more interesting.

    This is a great set! I love your headlights! Beautiful seeing double!

  • 5 Gina yazmış:

    Beautifully done!

  • 6 Leanne yazmış:

    Nice shots, Love your ‘bare’ and your ‘reflections in glass’. Very pretty.

  • 7 Jen yazmış:

    that is a cute little town! love the pictures! i really hope your weather improves 🙂

  • 8 Nancy yazmış:

    What an interesting set of photos for the Scavenger Hunt. Love that little church with the double windows. 🙂

  • 9 Mimi yazmış:

    Great photos! I like them all 🙂

  • 10 Sarah yazmış:

    WOW! Awesome photos Jenn. I love that first one and that church. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.

  • 11 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I’m baaaack…looks like you had a great week. Beautiful town in WA. It’s almost 10am and I’m still in my pj’s because I have decided to open up my email and answer it and catch up on my blog after ignoring it for the month of july. i’ve been at it since 6am. 4 hours! i better go do something productive…

    this week we have to get some of our book done. did you see that they have a leaders discussion guide now? i saw it for $9 at sam’s club! i should get it. that would be a good way to go through it…maybe…i didn’t really look at the questions…

  • 12 Serline yazmış:

    Hey, fellow dog lover! Love you “Bare” shot and that vintage car headlights… nice!

  • 13 Jill yazmış:

    Great pictures! Looks like a really fun time! Glad to see you are having a great summer!


  • 14 He & me + 3 yazmış:

    Love the double windows in the church. Gorgeous. I wish we had cooler weather. It has been so so so hot here lately. Thank God for A/C. Love the first shot of the water on the vine. Very cool and the headlights are awesome. What a neat car.