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Sunday Sunday 2-27

I failed!!  I failed my 365 days of photos    = ( somehow I forgot to take a picture last Sunday!!??    really?! I was sick on Sunday… my worst day with my cold… but still!! Oh Well!!   I guess it will be my 364 day project now    =) I can still get an […]

48 hours + 8 inches =

Hikes to the local hills with our sled in tow A few Hours of sledding in the beautiful white powdery snow That filled our sled on each run down the hill literally! after nearly every run down the hill the mama had to pull off her gloves and dig Powdery  snow out of boots, pant […]

Weather Report from Washington! =)

Western Washington that is… For those of you who commented on Sunday that you were jealous of this: My man mowing the lawn 6 days ago because the sun was manipulating our lawn into growing. Apparently grass grows  in 40-50 degree weather…  =) Be Jealous NO MORE yesterday we woke to this in Washington State […]

Salmon Marinated in Maple and Soy

A few of my weekend visitors commented on my Salmon Dinner… and I love to share a good thing… so I thought I would give you the recipe! It is simple and delicious!!  and the leftovers are amazing the day after!! I am going to try something new… give you the recipe first and then […]

Sunday Sunday February 20th

Sunday Scavenger Hunt : Chocolate, Canned Food, Music, Stack and Numbers. and of course my photos for days 44 – 50 of 365! Sunday    44/365      Stack We picked up Girl Scout Cookies on Sunday and we stacked them up for our annual picture of Abby with ALL the cookies she sold… we make personalized Thank […]

Fortune Cookies

I am not one to believe in fortunes or horoscopes not that there is anything wrong with believing in them I just don’t. Tuesday I bought myself and Sammy a meal at Panda Express and this was our fortune: There is  some Truth in that!! (for anyone of course ..not just the one who opens […]


The sun was shining After a powerful service at church I needed to be outside in God’s creation!! I persuaded my little family to go downtown to walk the doggy and spend time together while spring was teasing us a bit more in the chilly but sunny weather look what we found… hints of Spring! […]

Sunday Sunday

Sunday  Sunday Ashley’s Photo Scavengerhunt and the 365 day challenge Links are at the bottom of my post if you are interested in joining the fun! Sunday   37/365 Last weekend I stitched this little bag for Abby It is the first bag I’ve sewn… not sure I will sew another!!  ha ha… Monday        38/365 […]

Self inflicted Torture

Every Single Time the cat comes down the stairs or she comes into the house from outside Merlin chases her, tackles her, barks at her  or lovingly nips at her ALL ~  DAY ~  LONG ~  Every ~ Single ~ Day. for 528 days He is relentless!!  He Really wants Nana to play with him! […]

The Cowboy I didn’t know I married

My hubby is full of surprises this year First I discovered he was a Poster Boy at work You can go back and read about that HERE if you like =) And Then…. Recently the wonderful little church we started attending just this Fall had a wee little talent show now we are still a […]