The sun was shining

After a powerful service at church

I needed to be outside in God’s creation!!

I persuaded my little family to go downtown

to walk the doggy and spend time together

while spring was teasing us a bit more

in the chilly but sunny weather

look what we found… hints of Spring!

pictures are compliments of my virgin mobile smart phone =)

best Christmas present evah!!

I know I have shown you around Olympia before…

bear with me… I try to shake it up a bit!! =)

we puttered around Capital Lake

b/c that is THE place to walk in Olympia when the sun shines

or when the sun doesn’t shine

or in the rain

or snow

its the only place to walk in Olympia, OK!  =)

Merlin loves it… there are always a million other dogs to sniff there!

one day I should sit on a bench and take pictures

of them…. those… the other ones…  the people and their dogs =)

Abby LOVES seeing so many different breeds of dogs in less than one hour!

ha ha ha!!  I Love that animal loving child of mine!!

After we walked around the lake…

we went across the street to the funky water fountain

that comes up from the ground…

The Fountain is Packed with people on really warm spring or summer days

my little monkeys are not real big on water splashing or crowds

and well… the mass chaos is too much for my little man with low vision…

when it is packed that is…

but on a chilly yet sunny day in winter (yep… it IS  still winter!)

the fountain is all ours baby!!  =)

the water is so hard to capture

especially when you don’t have a fancy camera

my little phone did ok

I was standing in the center of the fountain for that last shot…

hard to explain!

flying water!!  =)

the LCD screen on my phone was useless on a sunny day!!

so I just pointed and prayed for one to turn out!  ha ha!

I caught a few decent shots to give you the idea…

but I did not manage to capture the whole fountain!  oops!

it is a huge round circle

and the water shoots up in a pattern…

from holes in the ground…

It is So COOL!

I love how entertaining the little things in life can be  =)


across the other side of the street

from the fountain in the ground

is our tiny little water front pier

really small… not super exciting… yet still lovely!!

our little pier is currently under major construction

so you can’t really walk the whole pier right now (um… all 2 blocks of it!?)

but it is still gorgeous… even on a slightly cloudy day…

God’s creation never ever fails to fill me up!!  =)

what you can’t see super well in that darkish picture…

is the Olympic Mountains off in the distance beyond the sound waters…

here is a pic I took a couple days before

from just down the street in the grocery store parking lot!

I also took a picture of The Bridge from that same spot

I love the 4th Avenue Bridge

it was built the year of the huge earth quake that shook Olympia

and Seattle …(Seattle had WAY more damage actually!)

The earth quake was the very week my mom passed away…

I drove INTO the earthquake zone 12 hours after it happened…

to be with my mama in her last days…

anyway… the old 4th Ave bridge was damaged…

so they built this one..

isn’t she a lovely little bridge?  =)

the Puget Sound kinda meets Capital lake somewhere under that bridge …

I think.   =)

anyway… it is near the lake

and the fountain

and the pier

Small town Olympia is… =)

chatty today aren’t I?!

just because it is Valentines Day

I’ll also share The Kissing Statue with y’all today!!

Artist: Richard S. Beyer 1990

Ain’t that just the sweetest thing??  =)

it is on the pier we were on before I got distracted

with the mountains and the bridge!

sometimes you catch people posing next to the statue

and kissing each other…

(now you want to come here with your man

and kiss him by that statue … don’t you?!)

You will never catch my shy guy doing that in public

with me of course…  or anyone else… oh never mind!!

so shy and private my man is….  unlike his wife…  never mind!  =)

It is 10:15 pm..

so it is still Valentines Day on the West Coast…

we had a quiet night in… hubby is snoozing on the couch just now…

I cooked a delish Salmon dinner w/asparagus  & Thai Rice Noodles….YUM!

and we played the Wii as a family tonight…

how romantic!!

anyway… that is how we roll.  Family Love!!  =)

Maybe we will  go on a date this coming weekend?

when the crowds are at home… sneaky we are… =)

Hope you spent your day enjoying simple things in life with a loved one!!



What do you love about your home town??  =)

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