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Do you ever get an itch?

THAT itch The one where you just HAVE to do what ever IT is in order to satisfy THAT itch? My itch almost Always involves PAINT *sigh*  =) I love color Every room in my house has one coat of color yes I said one I am the girl who never gets around to the […]

Seriously, I have better things to do…

MERLIN!  Good Grief!! This is how my morning is going today!! “look mama I unstuffed the bear you gave me” (crazy blurry dog) “Look mama I LOVE my new kitty you gave me” I don’t even want to talk about how disturbing this sight is!! LOL! Oh MERLIN! why why must you do this to […]

D is for

A retired Dump Truck That my 8 year old boy didn’t touch At. All.  this past summer. Heart Breaking. D is for Delighted Little man holding his New DSi xl from his grandparents… right next to his old DS lite we gave him last Christmas… see the difference in the size of the screen !!! […]

Embarrassing Moments Can Happen A N Y W H E R E

A N Y T I M E I will get to THAT in a minute! One WEEK out of the year… My week is ALL about The Birthday Kid. she is NOT going to love me for posting this picture! we will hash it out in therapy later in life. =) Anyways… One week out […]

Do you See What I “C”

Morning Coffee in my favorite wedding gifts… Denby mugs Coffee Tastes Better in a favorite mug… did you know that? Clawing Cat one dollar gold Coins brought to you by the tooth fairy one coin per tooth =) 11 x 17 enlarged photo Copies that Consume my life in September as I begin to home […]

Cake Pops Trial ~ Take 2

Guess how Take 2 went?? =) End of a Long Day… Embarrassing photos of myself… *ugh* thanks Hubby!! Can you say a little frustrated? I don’t know why he did not listen when I said “Go AWAY” !! Apparently he found my facial expressions and my frustrated obnoxious noises funny! *sigh* Despite the frustration of […]

Cake Pop trials ~ Take One!

After bakin our cake lettin it cool crumblin it up mixin in the frosting rollin the balls and freezin em… it was finally time for dippin ! My little chicklet was SO ready to try her hand at it!!  =) we didn’t have the BOOK in our possession on Friday with all the tips on […]

The In-laws are comin…

With all the to do’s that come along with the beginning of the school year and the start of home schooin by little man (which for me means HOURS in front of the photocopier enlarging materials and then bringing said enlarged 11×17 papers home in giant piles to sort and file Somehow?!!  I will capture […]

B is for the way you look at me… (oh oops)

B is for … Boys and baseballs Bugs  on Blue hats ew!! I know! my mom had this same Avon blue bottled perfume lady! and my sisters bought her for me while junk shopping without me !! She was my garden mascot until the UPS dude BROKE her!!  (ugh!) how rude! moving on… B is […]

It all begins with an invitation

My lovely blog friend Heather at Blessed Little Nest is hosting a fabulous lovely linky encouraging and inspiring bloggers to think about the little things in our life that are lovely! Do go and say hi to Heather… and maybe even join the lovelyness next week! Here is my “lovely” of the week! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abby […]