The In-laws are comin…

With all the to do’s that come along with the beginning of the school year

and the start of home schooin by little man

(which for me means HOURS in front of the photocopier enlarging materials and then bringing said enlarged 11×17 papers home in giant piles to sort and file Somehow?!!  I will capture a photo next week…)


never mind the never ending mischievous dog,

our soccer life

and well general lazYness …

all of which I blame for keeping me from normal household duties!!

With all those things in my way… ha ha…

I realize that I live A LOT messYer than I care to!  *ugh*

with that said

Nothing like having your in-laws coming to help motivate you to clean your house!

I have been tryin to sort, organize and well tidy up A LOT this week!

the piles are much more tidy and my house looks less like a tornado hit it!

can I whine???

don’t answer that…

I am tired!  that wasn’t too whinny was it??! =)


yesterday I went to the grocery store and purchased things I don’t normally buy…

so I can make a few extra special meals…

like PW’s Perfect Pot Roast … the herbs really make the roast.. she isn’t kiddin!

here is a photo from a past post about me attempting to cook Roast

you can click on the picture  to find that post about cookin it for the first time!

and you can learn to cook it by investing in her cookbook… You won’t regret it!!!

My mom used to make a yummy pull apart melt in your mouth roast!!

just sayin.. I guess it all depends on how you grow up?!  moving on…

My little girl is requesting this meal … we were please when she liked it!!

as she is one of my picky eaters… oh… one of … that means both my kids are picky eaters!

if one likes hot dogs the other does not, one likes cheese one doesn’t, one likes oatmeal one doesn’t…. life is complicated when it comes to meals… as they get older I get tougher on the suck it up buttercup attitude!!  =)   but the PW’s Roast… THEY both like!!  victory!!!

So she requested it with PW’s mashed taters… b/c it is going to be the first of probably 3 celebrations for her 10th birthday!!  and we do that… spoil the birthday person… =)  cater to their requests… you know… (within reason of course!!)

ha ha!

do ya’all do that??  take special requests on that special week celebrating them?

Do you celebrate birthdays with family and do the friend party separate??

and well…We also have a tradition…We  go out to eat the day of the birthday persons REAL birthday…. at the restaurant of his or her choice… Abby chose Subway last year… and Taco bell the year before… though I try really hard to explain that they could go to a really fancy restaurant…  the girl loves her Taco Bell and Subway!!  ha ha!  This year she might branch out and choose IHop… oh goody!  lol!  =)

I am SOOOOOOOOOO off task!

Alright… my point… My hubbys parents are comin to town… TODAY… all the way from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada!  We have some birthday celebrating… some band fun… soccer games… swimming skills to impress the grandparents with… a few surprises and good food to eat…. Busy weekend!!  I expect to see them in 2 hours or so… YIKES… I have got to get my rear in gear and start mixing, stirring, pouring, cracking, bakin, cooking, peeling, slicing, dicing, mashing, splashing (oops getting carried away!)  =)  I have some cookin to do!!  We are even going to give our CAKE POPS a trial run this weekend!!  Wish us luck!!

Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

Bakerella style… click here to see my post about it…

click here on Bakerella to go directly to her website…

We are in Love with these adorable goodies!!  Birthday goodies in our case!!

speaking of cake pops… I hope my copy of that cookbook is in today!!  =)

This is where  I will wish you all a fabulous weekend…

maybe in the evenings I will have a little time to come by to say hi!!

On Sunday I will share some of the madness fun we had over the weekend!

have I mentioned that I have not really shared my blog with my hubby’s side of the family??  I just wanted to wet my feet… get comfortable … learn to write … I wanted time to get comfortable before I shared it with everyone I knew!  … enjoy it first… ya know?  and well… there has just never been a good time to introduce  it to them…. *sigh*

Have any of you done that??

kept your blog “quiet” to some in real life folks in your life??  =)

Maybe I will tell them about it this weekend… if it comes up?!!  ha!

I was leaving a minute ago… wasn’t I??

Have a FANTASTIC weekend y’all!

See you on Sunday night!  =)


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  • 1 Lindsay yazmış:

    Hi Jenn
    I enjoyed catching up with you today. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your in laws.

  • 2 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    I wish I kept my blog quiet. My MIL read my blog and that’s all she talks about. Drives me crazy! They are coming in town this weekend too, and on top of that we are planning for vacation, have a soccer game, people coming over to watch a football game and the house is a disaster…. yeah I’m not looking forward to it… and you are so NOT alone (o:

  • 3 LeAnna yazmış:

    Oooh, post pics of your cake pops! I think they are adorable, I just never find the time to make them. I keep my blog “secret” from all immediate family. I like being able to blog without getting a phone call about “what does this mean???” I had to take my inlaws off facebook because of that, it got SO annoying I just nipped it in the bud. But that’s a story for another day, haha.
    Now I’m craving a good pot roast! Might just have to make one this weekend. Have a good one!

  • 4 naomig yazmış:

    When I saw your blog title my immediate reaction was “Oh, I’m sorry!” Haha. Anyway, I kind of wish I’d kept my blog quiet from some people… there’s just no good way for me to do that. Anyway, it’s all cool. Your way of birthday celebration sounds wonderful–We usually end up having a month of celebrations for our kids… just stuff here and there that we do for their birthday. 🙂 It’s fun! And, it makes them feel special, and that’s important. Have fun!! And, the potroast sounds AMAZING! I love her recipe, but my husbands just not a fan of potroast, so I don’t tend to buy them. Her’s would be top of the list if I was going to tho.

  • 5 Darcie yazmış:

    How I wish I would have kept it quiet from some people, oh how I wish! Needless to say…have a splendid weekend with the inlaws and enjoy the clean house…that is if you aren’t to tired from getting ready. 😉

  • 6 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Ha…I would never worry about my house with my in-laws. They are so different than how I was raised! (I do worry about what my mom thinks, tho, and I’m pretty much a neat/clean freak.) AND…I started my blog for my hubby’s family. Too funny, huh!?! Of course, I’m more about bloging my “fotos” and the fun stuff. :o)

    Hope it’s a greeeeaaattt weekend!!

  • 7 Robin yazmış:

    There’s nothing quite like the in laws visiting to put a hop in your step!
    All company keeps me on my feet. Sometimes I need someone to visit just so I’ll deep clean! LOL!

    Try to have fun this weekend!


  • 8 Cindy yazmış:

    Have a wonderful weekend, and I am dieing to get my hands on that book!!:)

  • 9 Jules yazmış:

    I have both of those cookbooks. Love them!

  • 10 Heather@myeverydaygraces yazmış:

    Looking forward to reading how it all turns out. I kept my blog quiet for awhile… I don’t know why. I guess i was a little embarrassed… nothing like a lack of confidence, eh?

    Now everyone knows. I even signed up for twitterfeed so it can go right to facebook. I figure if people don’t like it they can just ignore it. It is fun when someone says, “I read your blog the other day and…”; it always surprises me (in a good way).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • 11 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    You are too funny…people coming over always motivates me to clean house too.
    we love pot roast so i will have to check out PW recipe. Thanks.
    Just got my magazine with Bakerella’s cake pops on the front cover. Pretty cool. Good luck with those.

  • 12 hershey's moma yazmış:

    I love pot roast but nobody else does in my fam. (I’ve tried it every way) The in-laws don’t know about my blog either…I’m keeping it that way(: My family however, read diligently and I post every day for them(sometimes overwhelming but I started it so I’ll finish it!!) Birthday’s are special here too. I love to make someone feel special. Your daughter is so loved…

  • 13 Jenn yazmış:

    I am the same way Robin… I am way more motivated to clean when anyone comes to visit … not just the in laws… I guess I wasn’t very clear on that!! snicker snicker!! =) Maybe I should invite people for every weekend and I would keep a cleaner house?? ha ha!

  • 14 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    Girl, what a crack up… because my entire husband’s family has discovered my blog EARLY on… and the sad part is… there is SO much blogworthy and HYSTERICAL stuff there… Oh it kills me sometimes how much I can’t share because they read it. It would take my blog to a TEN if I could. Ha!

    STill haven’t made the pot roast. I just have no meat confidence. LOL