Do you See What I “C”

Morning Coffee

in my favorite wedding gifts…

Denby mugs

Coffee Tastes Better in a favorite mug… did you know that?

Clawing Cat

one dollar gold Coins

brought to you by the tooth fairy

one coin per tooth =)

11 x 17 enlarged photo Copies

that Consume my life in September

as I begin to home school my little man with low vision!

and that is only the BEGINNING of our copies!!

September is a CRAZY  month!  *sigh*

I am not complaining… =)

Colorful Crayons





Cool Capture

how many spiders do you see?

I happened upon this spider spinning his Capture

while the sun was in just the right position

to give me a great shadow!


Speaking of Capture

I caught this thief

stealing Applesauce

right out of the cupboard

yes… there are in fact 4 applesauce containers

still in the packaging!

For Crying Out loud

Will he ever out grow that?!!! 



Speaking of September being my CRAZY month

if you will exCuse me

I have some Cake pop iCe Cream Cones to make!  =)

Tomorrow is my little girls Birthday !!

much to do!!

I might not be back around much until Saturday!

Have a SpeCtaCular week!


The Letter C was brought to you by Barb Phillips Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge

Next week I hope to join the fun earlier in the week!  they are weekly challenges… nice!

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