D is for

A retired Dump Truck

That my 8 year old boy didn’t touch At. All.  this past summer.

Heart Breaking.

D is for Delighted Little man

holding his New DSi xl from his grandparents…

right next to his old DS lite we gave him last Christmas…

see the difference in the size of the screen !!!

For the boy who sees at 20/200 …  Perfect!

D is for ….

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer Do…

I’m half crazy

All for the love of you…

D is for ….

Drippy Drippy Drops

Falling Water Drops

falling down down down

D is for DOG TIRED


which is what I am right now.

Dog Gone Tired.

off to Dream Land!!

The Letter D is brought to you by

Have a Delightful Day!!

Jenn~ D.  😉

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