Cake Pops Trial ~ Take 2

Guess how Take 2 went??


End of a Long Day…

Embarrassing photos of myself…


thanks Hubby!!

Can you say a little frustrated?

I don’t know why he did not listen when I said

“Go AWAY” !!

Apparently he found my facial expressions

and my frustrated obnoxious noises funny!


Despite the frustration

of putting TOO much frosting in our cake pops

Never mind that I have the book in my hot little hands

and I could have read that you only need 3/4 of the can of frosting

BEFORE I made them!


I am a “peek” at the instructions kinda girl

and sometimes I regret  it!


I prefer to learn hands on… ya know?

Do you think Bakerella would come to my house

and give me a personal hands on training before Friday? =)


I learned her real name after I brought home her book!


Some of our decorating turned out really cute…

despite all the drama and madness!

Hoot Hoot ~ Cute Cute!

Ignore the fact that there was TOO much frosting in the cake pops

and they kept falling off the sticks b/c they were too soft

Never mind I couldn’t shake the excess candy melt stuff off properly

with the same ease as Bakerella in THIS VIDEO

Because  I tapped the stick and not my wrist…

maybe they would have turned out smoother

and not fallen off the stick ~ IF I had paid attention to DETAIL!



So what if you look closely at the tummy and it looks lumpy, right?

Who cares if the candy writers didn’t really work

we can use candy for the feet!

They are for 10 year old little girls…

they don’t care  and besides… those were TEST pops!

I/we tried making the cupcake cake pops as well…

Can you say…

DISASTER!!  Oh My Word !! =)


Oh well…

we just cut the tops off

RE-froze them and dipped them as flowers!

Cute ~ not what we wanted but CUTE!

We “might” try to make the cupcake ones again…

on the day of the party

why not?

We can always teach the girls to “go with the flow”

and if they are not working…

we can cut the tops off and dip them as flowers!

Life lessons at a birthday party…ha!

Just Smelling the Roses… on a bumpy road!

snicker snicker!

That’s my Story and I am sticking to it!



We are very happy with the ones that turned out ~ for the most part!!!

If we could just get the cake inside to cooperate and keep them on the sticks

NOW that I realize  EXACTLY which instructions/details I OVERLOOKED  =)


Wanna See What I did with half the cake balls at 8:30 pm last night??

it felt OH SO rewarding!

especially after my self inflicted disasters!

I was SO DONE!  =)

Tomorrow (today) Will be a Fresh start!

But I think I will make felt finger puppet owls today!  ha ha!

All joking aside this IS  exactly WHY I did trial runs!

In the End ~  We successfully learned a few important details!

Friday will be a smashing Success!


Hopefully not smashing! =)

Have a Lovely Cake Pop Free Day!


Oh and…

You all know my “vintage” camera is really NOT vintage… right!??

it is only 7- 8 years old!!

Given where technology is today…

That $500 baby is only worth a mere 50 bucks IF I am Lucky!

and Do you KNOW how hard it is to find 35mm FILM??

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