Seriously, I have better things to do…

MERLIN!  Good Grief!!

This is how my morning is going today!!

“look mama I unstuffed the bear you gave me”

(crazy blurry dog)

“Look mama I LOVE my new kitty you gave me”

I don’t even want to talk about how disturbing this sight is!!



why why must you do this to my floor EVERY day?!

seriously having Merlin is like having a destructive toddler!

Since he was being so crazy

and I wasn’t really getting much home schooling

or blogging done

I took the Monster outside

and got distracted by these

so I went back in with said monster dog

to get my broken camera and try to photograph them!

that one is hard to see

but this one…


I hate spiders… but I love seeing their webs!

Spiders are my least favorite thing about Fall…

unless I get to capture a few fun photos

(with my broken camera! not bad broken camera!)

anyway… Mr. Destructive Monster found these

all. over. the yard.


He ate this seconds after I clicked the photo!~

the ground webs were even in the tress

I think we have about 20 webs around our small property this dewy morning!

So our home schoolin started outside

with the nudging of our destructive dog!~


breathe in

breathe out

10:00 we head in

I get Sammy started on some Math

turn on my computer to blog a bit

and I find a new blog friend Right here in my home town

well.. OK … technically she found me…

Hi Katie!

so as I am happily emailing back and forth with her

instead of writing my post for the day…


is doing this

Seriously ~ what  on earth?!!

Bed Shredder!

Destructive Dog!!


he does this to my house EVERY DAY!!!

stuffing, socks, cardboard, newspaper, toilet paper

WILL I EVER get a GRIP on this??!

I can’t crate him ALL day!!!

and then he started barking at me

jumping up at me at the table


I am LOOSING my patience!

Sammy is not getting much school work done this year

b/c Merlin is going through Summer withdrawals (apparently?)

So I give up and give the kid a snack

and this is where he goes with it…

it must be under 66 degrees in the house  =)

CAn you see the little human foot under there?

and of course MERLIN has to beg for the snack

under the curtain!!  too funny!

Sammy was “warming up” his puffed corn (fake popcorn) snack

on the vent



I give up!!

I am going to take Sammy to a class now …

and come back in a couple hours …

hopefully to a calmer dog?!!

I think I will walk him while Sammy is in his HOUR long class!!?!!

Seriously … do you think I can wear out this monster of mine in ONE hour?

Maybe if I RUN him…

I’ll be back in a couple hours!


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