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The First Day of Fifth Grade

A lunch made with love including an I love you note, a heart sandwich, strawberry applesauce, a capri sun, Girl Scout Cookies reserved for a special occasion! and a piece of taffy from summer! oops… the taffy wasn’t in the picture!   and a baggie of cheddar chicks for snack time! and One Adorable young lady […]

A Day Without the PUP

Today This seemingly sleepy well behaved (HA) dog Is at the groomers! ALL DAY! I LOVE my new dog groomer!! Found her early this summer!  Blessing!!  =) So Today..  I am going to Bust and MOVE! Ah.. that song takes me right back to my first year of college in 1989!  =) *ahem* anyway… I […]

One more day

to sew the waist on my little girls jeans a little slimmer than slim… (I wish I had that problem…being slimmer than slim!) one more day until I need to fill  little girls back pack and her lunch box and send her off to school. 5th grade already? Can’t I have 2 more days? *sigh*  […]

She’ll be coming round the mountain…

2 extracted teeth 2 oral surgeons 2 teary phone calls to the oral surgeons office 2 “extra” visits to the oral surgeons office 5 or so trips to the pharmacy way too many pills to count hours and hours of unnecessary pain 7 days later I think I might Finally be coming round the mountain! […]