The First Day of Fifth Grade

A lunch made with love

including an I love you note, a heart sandwich, strawberry applesauce, a capri sun, Girl Scout Cookies reserved for a special occasion! and a piece of taffy from summer! oops… the taffy wasn’t in the picture!   and a baggie of cheddar chicks for snack time!


One Adorable young lady

Standing in the Same spot she did 5 years ago

Be Still My Beating Heart!!!

Here is one of her standing in front of her last classroom

in Elementary school

just like she stood in front of her first classroom

in Elementary School

5 years ago

Look at that sweet nervous smile!

No book can ever prepare you

for the emotions you feel as your babies grow!

This Handsome little lad

is standing in front of his school

on the first day of 2nd grade

(snicker snicker!)

This picture was taken in front of our home!  =)

Sammy went to one year of Public School

His First Year of Preschool

5 years ago!!

I can’t handle this!!  =)

Look at his adorable sheepish grin

I think I am going to explode with emotion!!

I loved this shot!

ta ta mommy!

(not really!)

he was waving at big sister!  =)

When Abby was in Kindergarten

Sammy went to the “special needs” preschool

while I worked in the first grade classroom as an Ed Assistant

It was an “interesting” year.

The Preschool was supposed to be 50% role models

and 50% Special Needs

Over the weeks Sammy would quietly tell us…

“that boy over there mommy… he bites”

“that girl over there… she screams a LOT”

“that boy hits people with sticks..”

“that boy scratches people”

NICE  role models in a special needs school!

It was 90% Behavior kids…

My little man was an easy target

having low vision and low muscle tone…

the teachers even “lost” him a few times in the building

b/c they had to cater to behavior kids

apparently they forgot Sammy couldn’t follow a line of kids with his low vision!

among other things…

Lets just say not only were the kids “interesting” …

so was the attitude of those on his “team” of educators!

That year was the deal breaker for me…  No Brainer!

Home School IS the BEST way to give him a Fabulous education

and keep him safe!!  =)

I feel really good knowing I am keeping him above the learning curve

and I am providing him with fun learning that meets his unique needs

I love taking him to the home school program

which complements my weak areas and provides him social friends!!  =)


I think I got off task there…



My babies are really NOT going to let me call them babies anymore!

It is a milestone year…

Makes the mommy weepy and proud and all that stuff!  =)

I think I need therapy!

Beach therapy!  =)

Honey .. can we book a Hawaiian vacation?!


ok ok

the drama queen is done  =)

oh… Hi Sammy…

yes… yes I am going to teach you today!!


Have a Fabulous Weekend folks!



What do you all make your babies for school lunches??!  =)

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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    hope the first day of school went well for everyone. I can totally understand your reasoning for keeping your little (umm big guy) home for schooling. I think it makes total sense that you provide the service you feel is best for each child.

    I haven’t had to make a lunch yet as my oldest goes to a day care for preschool and gets lunch there as part of the tuition and my little guy doesn’t go to school yet.

  • 2 Jules yazmış:

    I know the feeling exactly. Letting them grow is tough and letting them go when they are grown is even tougher.

  • 3 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Wow! School nightmare! Yikes! glad you got that figured out!

    My kids make their own lunches. by that I mean they take what I already have bagged from the fridge! Some faves are yogurt, baby carrots, celery & peanut butter, dry roasted peanuts and granola bars. They usually take sandwiches or bagels and cream cheese or tortillas with peanut butter.

  • 4 kendra yazmış:

    My kids have hot lunch at school like 90% of the time. I offer cold lunch everyday–I tell them the hot lunch and give them a choice. For some reason they like those hot lunches, which is fine with me–one less chore in the morning! 🙂

  • 5 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    LOVE the series of pics! I know they will both have another great school year. (And, I praise God that you started homeschooling that sweet boy and that he’s thriving.)

    P.S. Can’t wait to get my package. XO!!

  • 6 Cindy yazmış:

    Oh my goodness those “before and after” pictures were too much!
    And how oh how do you keep Girl Scout cookies in the house for more then a week!!! 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend!

  • 7 Heather yazmış:

    I won’t let my boys see this post with that yummy first day lunch! They’ll wonder what happened to theirs:)

    Great photo memories with your daughter. And yes, your son was/is adorable. I am so happy you found a solution that you love and that works for your family:) Bravo!

  • 8 Sooz yazmış:

    They will always be your babies, no matter what! They’ll just have to get used to it.

    Rachael (5th): capri sun, choc soy milk, turkey sandwich, 7-8 carrots with ranch dip, 2 apple slices, pudding, fishy crackers, and a mini peppermint patty (this includes enough snack for ycare too).

    Emmett (1st): capri sun, choc soy milk, gf turkey sandwich, apple slices, gf pretzels, gf cheesy crackers, pudding, fruit roll stickerz (although I would be hard pressed to find any fruit in those sugar-laden cavity inducing stickerz), one hershey kiss – this covers morning snack in 1st grade before lunch, lunch, plus enough to cover ycare in the afternoon.

  • 9 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Too cute. I hope that Abby has a great year in school and that you and Sammy enjoy home schooling. I love first day of school pictures and the fresh start it brings.

  • 10 liz yazmış:

    i can’t decide who looks like they’ve changed more in 5 years. though i’m quite certain i’m the only person who’s never had nutella.

  • 11 hershey's moma yazmış:

    Awwww. Lunch: about the same as yours only my 5 yr. old daughter likes to include a pickle/ 8 yr. old wants water not juice (thank you) and my daughter now packs hers because Moma forgot the drink last week…

  • 12 Nancy yazmış:

    It is amazing to see the progression in the photos. I would cry, for sure. Good for you to notice the change that needed to happen with your son. Way to take charge, girl~ I love it.

  • 13 Amber yazmış:

    Um, I would redo 5th grade all over again if someone would send me with a lunch that includes a Nutella sandwich and some Girl Scout cookies! 🙂

  • 14 Cascia @ Healthy Moms yazmış:

    Your kids are adorable! Good luck with the new school year.