Embarrassing Moments Can Happen A N Y W H E R E


I will get to THAT in a minute!

One WEEK out of the year…

My week is ALL about The Birthday Kid.

she is NOT going to love me for posting this picture!

we will hash it out in therapy later in life.



One week out of the year I bust my hiny planning, making crafts, buying supplies, sewing, baking, decorating, putting my heart and soul into SPOILING the birthday kid!

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE it…

I love planning Fun Birthdays that my kids will ALWAYS remember!

I thrive on it!

I love these little cake pop cones we made for Abby’s class at school

even though they were A LOT of work

the kids in my little girls class were MORE than impressed!

and a few of the teachers were too!!

she gave one to all her past teachers  =)

I think I am currently the COOLEST mom in the 5th grade

(for a day)   ha ha ha

Abby’s birthday was partly themed around cake pops

so I busted my hiny practicing and practicing making Owl cake pops…

so we would be experts at making them during her party…

which was also themed for an OWL book series…

The Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky

SO ~ I  Also busted my hiny this week making cute little owl finger puppets at night…

in all my spare time  =)

Aren’t they adorable?

Sorry they are blurry…

I can’t live like this… with a broken camera… it is KILLING me!

I should have used my old slr film camera!  *ugh*


So ALL week I  busted my hiny for Abby’s Fun Cake Pop/Owl Themed party…

buying all the supplies to decorate with owls,  finding owl birthday presents, spent hours and hours baking those darn cake pops (I love them really!) …. I spent sleepless nights cutting felt, hot gluing and sewing those cute little puppets… yada yada yada ( I am just saying… I busted my hiny all week ONE more time, K?!)


Lucky us ~

The wonderful Film Producing folks came out with A Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie!!

The day after Abby’s birthday… the day of her party!!   hoot hoot!

So we went to it OF COURSE!

Yesterday… There we were… in the Movie Theater… the day of Abby’s party…

I was happily snapping away blurry pictures of the birthday crew

with my broken camera

that has  no view screen at all…

hoping they were turning out…


I was happily taking pictures in front of this GIANT display

of the little ladies standing with the characters in the movie (and the books)

when the Manager of the Theater came over

He asked the Girls  if they had read the books

We told him the Birthday girl read 14 of the 15 books

**proud of my little book worm**

He said “OH who is the Birthday Girl” … and then wished her a Happy Birthday.

We told him She was OVER the MOON about being at the opening of the movie…

That  is when he asked us if we would like to go home with the above mentioned

GIANT display!

WOW… YES… YAY!!  Squeals of delight and laughter.

I told the girls he deserved a hug … and they all actually hugged him!!!  ha ha!

He immediately called a staff member  over to take down said GIANT display

to shrink it to “almost” fit in our Honda CRV!  =)


the manager disappears

and we carry on taking more blurry pictures in front of the Giant display

with my broken camera

before they “break it down” for us…


at which point I walk backwards while snapping pictures…

I would like to stop and mention I was wearing my flip flops

b/c I refuse to believe summer is over….

and then it happened…

In a quick second I backed into one of those poles with the ropes on them

and all of a sudden I was FLYING in the air…


FLAILING arms and legs…

with a death grip on my broken camera…

I fell.  HARD.

Right there in the middle of the theater!

on my BUTT!  aka my hiny!

It wasn’t pretty folks!


if only I could crawl under a rock and hide!  FOREVER.

At that moment you have 2 choices

Laugh or Cry.

Choose laughter… it helps ease the pain.

in your ego that is.

Not so much the Pain in your hiny!!

or your hips, your shoulder, your back and your wrist…

Can you all say OUCH…

I laid there on the floor of the theater with a million pairs of eyes on me…

laughing… wishing I could bury my head in a pillow and cry!!  ha ha!

Alright. Fine.  There weren’t a million people.

Really there were only 15-20 employees.

Fine. Maybe there were only 5-10.

One gal asked from across the huge room if I was ok…

Through my own embarrassed laughter I told her my pride was hurt

more than my hiny!   (I lied)

I HAD to laugh.

Along with every single employee in sight of the display!  ** sigh**

Not only am I the crazy lady who fell in the theater…

making myself the laughing stock of the whole town …

There in the theater I BUSTED MY HINY ….

all for the love of my little girls birthday!  ha ha ha

and then…

I drove away with the GIANT  display hanging half out the back of my SUV…

So that a Million people in the parking lot could stare, point and LAUGH at me



I did ALL that for my Little Girl!!

Happy Birthday Abby!   I Love you!!

Memories made for a life time!!

A day she will never forget!

bawha ha ha ha


After reassembling the Giant display at home

we went inside for a little cake pop fun…

with our “Guardians” watching over us…

Seriously the party was a huge success…

Never Mind that My BUTT Hurts!!   =)


the Manager came out of the back shortly after my scene

with posters for all the girls too!!

He really rolled out the RED CARPET for my girl!!  =)

if you will excuse me now

I need to go ice my hiny!


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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    sounds like a fun time and what a cool theater to do all that. hope your backside and ego are feeling a bit better today

  • 2 Paige yazmış:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Love all the planning and prep work you did. The cake pops are adorable! Have a great week!

  • 3 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    OMGosh I am sorry but that is funny. OK maybe not for you. You are a great mom to literally bust your hiney for your girl’s birthday. Love all the owl stuff and how cool to get the big sign. Love the ice cream cones too. CUTE you go above and “behind” I mean beyond. LOL

  • 4 liz yazmış:

    Owls are such a popular thing right now. I’ve never seen any “cake pops” before! And how did you make the chocolate top to the ice cream cones?

  • 5 Lindsay yazmış:

    Hi Jenn
    Looks like your daughter had an amazing birthday. I love those cake pops, they look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the funny story. You made me giggle. Hope you are ok.

  • 6 Julie yazmış:

    OH my goodness, Jenn…only you!!! What an adorable themed party. Where have I been..I have never even heard of these books or movies? I’ll have to look into them!!

    I am so sorry….that after all the “hiney bustin'” you did for this party….that it had to end like that!! We must take care of our keesters!! Hope the bruising of the ego (and hiney) eases soon!!

    You crack me up!

  • 7 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    You are a hoot! (Tee hee.)

    The birthday sounds like a huge success. And, the cake pops turned out so awesome. You really did a great job. Abby is so blessed!

  • 8 Tammy yazmış:

    Still can’t believe you came home with that huge display! lol

  • 9 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Wow! You know how to make a birthday special!!!! And, you take the cake (pop) for best mom….there’s not a chance I would have let my kids take home a souvenir that stinkin’ big! holy cow! (owl?) where will you store that? it is big! but, i have to admit, it is really cool looking. you’re so creative, i’m sure you’ll turn it into some really cool piece of furniture or something. sigh. i’m jealous. 🙂

    you really know how to make your kids feel loved. you’re a great mom, jenn. and i know how difficult those cake pops are. i haven’t tried the pops yet – just the balls. but, color me impressed!!!! yours look amazing!!!! i love the cones. those look like i could do those for a bake sale…how did you make the holder?

  • 10 Brooke yazmış:

    what a great mom! i loved the cake pops – seriously cool! and bustin your hiney in the movie theater made me laugh out loud. i hope you got over the embarrassment quickly though b/c believe me, we’ve all been there 🙂 It’s not fun.

  • 11 Laura yazmış:

    Oh no! So glad you decided to laugh, definitely the better choice. 🙂

    And you totally ARE the coolest mom in school! Love all the yummy treats and that you love spending all that time to shower your kids in love, they will remember it forever!! 🙂

  • 12 jen@odbt yazmış:

    WOW! Look at you go girl! What amazing cake pops and owl pops. Your daughter’s party looks amazing. And I hope your hiney and pride are feeling better.

  • 13 Courtney Walsh yazmış:

    I totally laughed out loud. I admit it. Not just at the butt-breaker, but the owl display peeking in your back door. hahahaha. You did an awesome job!! I am tired just looking at all this work and now need to go take a nap.


  • 14 naomig yazmış:

    Your cake pops turned out AMAZING! I am SO impressed! 🙂 And, I’m so sorry that you busted your butt–that sucks. Hope you’re feeling better!!

  • 15 Syndee Nuckles yazmış:

    OMGOSH! How funny 🙂 I would so go through the same thing to make my kids happy! lol You are a good Mama and I LOVE those mini cake cones!

  • 16 H-Mama @ Family Team yazmış:

    Oh no! So glad you could laugh your way through it! 🙂

    My Nator would be a tad jealous of the owl theme. 😉 You did a wonderful job bringing it all together… and the red carpet treatment was perfect!