48 hours + 8 inches =

Hikes to the local hills with our sled in tow

A few Hours of sledding

in the beautiful white powdery snow

That filled our sled on each run down the hill


after nearly every run down the hill

the mama had to pull off her gloves

and dig Powdery  snow out of boots, pant legs, hoods… faces…  =)

48 hours + 8 inches  also =

Hours of digging

and digging

and digging ….out the center of this huge pile of snow

that I shoveled off the driveway the day before

because I am stupid, nuts, crazy, not smart a fun mom… =)

My offspring were very helpful

or… uh…


while the mama broke her back dug out the Lodge   =)

I grew up using the shovel…. A LOT

now I have this weird attachment to it…

I can’t explain it…

I really DO like to Dig… really!!

and well…

I just do things like this ….against my better judgment!

I have the same weird attachment to paint brushes…

and rollers… *insert happy grin* … oh never mind!

In She Goes!!!

Is there room for 2?

A little snug… but they both fit!


yep… Much more cozy for one!!

(nope I will not build another one… not me!!)

In Washington we do crazy things like this for the littles

because everyone needs a 48 hour Snow Lodge!!

it is a sickness… Snow…

you hate it…yet … You LOVE it… *sigh*

and because I am OUT OF MY MIND

I didn’t stop there…

Sammy and I built up a Battle Fort too

Hey… I am NOT the bad guy??!!

What is Wrong with him?!!

48 hours + 8 inches Also =

Back aches

When Will I EVER learn??   =)

So much work for 48 hours worth of fun!!

It   IS   worth it?    Right?? =)

Today Mr. McFun gets to “play”…

Apparently my body is not as young as my mind!!

I will be spending the weekend with my heating bags!!

What are you up to this weekend??   =)



The  (not so smart) Shovel Queen

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  • 1 Kimberly yazmış:

    What fun! The things we do to entertain our kids. 🙂 Hope your back is feeling good as new soon!

  • 2 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    I hate to even say it, but today was so sunny and warm that we ran all the fans. Tomorrow, they say we may break the record…they even called it “bikini weather”.

  • 3 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    hope you are feeling better soon and can go out and enjoy the fruits of your labor, or at least be able to watch your kiddos

  • 4 Jessica/soulenergy yazmış:

    OH MY GOSH, all that snow!!

    Yay for the Naked Egg! I read on one site that you can do it for a full seven days… I think it just becomes more translucent, because the acid reacts with the calcium of the shell.

    We just did white vinegar. Maybe you could do one white vinegar and one apple cider vinegar to see if there’s a difference? Or maybe another acidic liquid (such as soda). If you google Naked Egg Science Experiment, you can find several different options. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you!


  • 5 Jill yazmış:

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment about the picnic table. Not the best picture though, lol. My husband built that himself. We are waiting for warmer weather to be able to enjoy it again….then I can post some better pics! LOl

    Enjoy the snow:-) We’ve had our share of it this winter too.


  • 6 simone yazmış:

    What a cool mum you are!!! My kids would love your snowcave. Looks like such a fun day.

  • 7 Anika yazmış:

    WHOA! How lucky are they that they get to sit in a snow cave?! That is something I have yet to do in my lifetime. Actually I don’t really know if I want to 😉 but if I were 20-30 years younger I bet I would be allll about it! Great shots!