The Cowboy I didn’t know I married

My hubby is full of surprises this year

First I discovered he was a Poster Boy at work

You can go back and read about that HERE if you like =)

And Then….

Recently the wonderful little church we started attending just this Fall

had a wee little talent show

now we are still a little shy there

I mean we have only been attending since Fall

we are going to a Life Group (bible study) …

slowly developing friendships   =)


I am guessing people there have figured out we are silly …

well or they have figured out Mr. McFunny is silly… I think?

So…….. back to the talent show

NO ONE in my family wanted to participate in it

Until the morning of the talent show… Apparently!~

Mr. McFunny **unknown to me** signed up to perform that night!

and guess what?

Someone filmed it!!!    snicker snicker snicker!!

without further ado …

Mr. McFunny in action at our church’s Talent show a couple weeks ago!

That is My Cowboy ladies!!
no chaps
no hat
no wranglers
But he sure can make Me laugh!! =)

well… ok … he can make just about anyone laugh!!

I love that about my man!!

Have a lovely Wednesday folks!!



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