I can’t believe he didn’t tell me!!!

(ok so I thought I hit publish LAST night at 12:30… or this morning! Apparently NOT… *sigh*  rats!!)


My husband is a

Poster Boy!!

Mr. Johnny Poser himself

has been posted all over the state for months!

Would you like a closer look at my man??

otherwise know as

Mr. McFunny

(in my world)

Yep… I married that guy…

the one dancing with a statue!!

Are you kidding me?!!!

Who dances with statues and gets printed on a State Poster?!!

Yep… That’s MY man…

Mr. McFunny

Always making everyone laugh!

I just about peed my pants when I noticed it yesterday!!

I’m dyin over here people!!

I took my little girl into the hubby’s office

to sell Girl Scout cookies

We try not to bug him much at the office

just a couple times a year


apparently it has been a While

since we were in last!

His co-workers  all have a great sense of humor

So I was joking around with them

while Abby was selling cookies

and I just happened to notice


with my husband printed on it!!!

My husband on A POSTER?!!!??

What the Heck?!!

Laughter, tears …. and shock!!

I wish you could see the  grin on my face right now

I can not understand why on earth he did not tell me?!!


( my cheeks hurt!!)

Pay Back Darling… Pay Back

for Keeping Secrets from YOUR WIFE!!!  =)

How could he NOT tell me??

if you note on the Poster

It was printed WAY back in April of 2010!

I NEED a copy of that poster!!

I only walked away with a photograph

such a bummer

he he he

I love my goofy husband!!

Hours an Hours of Laughter

Have I told you all how much

I LOVE laughing

its like a drug!!

May you all be blessed with laughter today!


The Poster Boy’s Wife

ps  Apparently people stopped him in the halls, lunchroom, coffee stand, etc. etc.  and said…

“hey… you are the poster guy”

for months

he he he

I CAN’T HANDLE the laughter!!!

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