Fortune Cookies

I am not one to believe in fortunes or horoscopes

not that there is anything wrong with believing in them

I just don’t.

Tuesday I bought myself and Sammy a meal at Panda Express

and this was our fortune:

There is  some Truth in that!!

(for anyone of course ..not just the one who opens the cookie!)

The Word  Courage keeps sneaking into my world lately.

Through a sermon at church,  a teaching moment with my daughter,  on a blog post I read,  in a silly fortune cookie….on my little daily calendar

of course courageous in love

is very different than the kind of courage I am talking about today!

being courageous in love

is not limited to a spouse… or boyfriend…

I would love to revisit that topic one day…

The whole courage things is a huge subject I could go on about.  =)


I tend to lean on the not so courageous side of life.

My point today is …

I love art

but I am fearful to put my art out there.

Over the years I have “hidden” my art and photography behind kids.

I was creative as a nanny, a childcare provider, a teachers assistant…

a mommy.  It worked for me. Hiding behind the kid thing.

using my art for kids is easier.

Long story short… I am chicken.  Chicken to pursue my dreams.

Chicken to be judged.  Chicken to be criticized.

Chicken to put myself out there.  Chicken to put my ART out there!

and then I met blogging!!   =)

I have been hanging around in the blog world for a little over a year now…

I find it to be a very inspirational place…  ya know?

Seeing others pursue art ….among other things…

things that I enjoy and love… it is encouraging!!

You all put yourselves out here.  All the time!

Many of you inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone

in SO many ways!  SO so many ways!

What am I afraid of anyway?  =)

As bloggers I think y’all must have had at least ONE moment

where you had to find the courage to put your words, your art, your

cooking, your fears, your photographs, your heart out here…

yes?  no?  =)

Courage has been knocking at my back door for years now…

it is so much easier to pretend you don’t hear the knocking.

ya know?

Recently Courage is  knocking on my FRONT door

I think it is time to answer the door.

Would you like a peek at something I LOVE to do…

but I am terrified to “put out here” …

just a peek remember!!

ha ha…

I kid.

oops… lost the color…

Fear I tell ya.  Crippling!!  =)

Here was my inspiration….

(where is the line with inspiration and your own art??  yikes… fear!)

Abby loves owls right now  … =)

I am such a chicken to show MY art to others

bock, bock, bock…

na na na na na na na… na na na na na na na

(tune to the chicken dance..)

OK… OK… here is my rough draft on paper

courage.  (just sayin)

Abby loved it!      Kids always love my art.

I am comfortable showing it to them!  ha ha!

I let Abby  pick a background color

and then I went to town on the canvas



the colors changed a bit … I am blending them myself

and I changed the feathers on the tummy this time…

I think I liked the first one better??

Abby loves them both  =)

My art is Kid art.

Kids are generally thrilled with my art…

Its you grown ups I am chicken to share it with!!  *sigh*

I think I will paint a CHICKEN next.

JUST for humor sake.   =)

To remind me to choose Courage.

Not fear      (fear…  Chicken… ha ha… never mind… )


I want to play with art… make wall art… make gifts…

maybe even sell it one day?!

Dreams take Courage!!

Some of these blank canvases are old… old old old!

and there are more in my garage ….somewhere?!!


A few of you wonderful talented creative  bloggers

you share your art

it is beautiful and fun

you are enjoying your artistic side !!

You inspire me…

Becky at Farmgirl Paints


Courtney Walsh  at Domestic Blunders

YOU  have nudged me…

with your words…

and the art you share on your blogs

you inspire and encourage me..  =)

So many of you wonderful blog friends encourage and inspire

with photography, cooking, being more courageous in love (see its there), being more intentional with my life… I could go on and on…

I love that part about blogging!!

Becky and Courtney… your blogs especially have inspired me to pick up my paint brushes and to be brave about it!!    =)

my hubby will thank y’all later…

I think he is tired of me spending money on canvases (for years)

and brushes

and paint

and NOT using them!!  ha ha

I think it is High Time to color my world

and finally use those canvases!!

I am sure there will be disasters along the way

but that is part of the game

right?   =)

The End.

not really… it just came out… felt right to say it.  =)  I do that.

Finding the courage to post my art is just the beginning.

All because of a silly little fortune.

I kid!  =)


It goes deeper than my art.

Art is where I am spreading my wings in right now.  =)

Until Next time~


What area of your life are you trying to find courage with??

14 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Courtney Walsh yazmış:

    Jenn-girl, you go with your bad painting self!! I claim kid-art too and you know?? I LOVE to paint kid art. I am not a fancy artist. I like simplicity and cutesy and bright. No shame here!!

    I am SO glad you’re sharing…your owls are ADORABLE and I love that you put them out there.

    There. Now didn’t that feel good??


  • 2 Kathleen yazmış:

    I love it! You are very talented! I agree…it does take so much courage to “put yourself out there”. I feel the same way about photography. Thankfully, what I have found is that the blog world is full of such encouraging people who only have positive comments and constructive criticism. It’s such a great place to learn and grow! Hope to see lots more of your art!

  • 3 Kathleen Smith yazmış:

    I love this and how blogging has allowed you the freedom to experiment with expressing yourself a little at a time through words, pictures and now sharing your art. Beautiful.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 4 Buckeroomama yazmış:

    Good for you!! I think your owl looks fantastic! As the French say… Allez, allez, allez! =)

  • 5 Cindy yazmış:

    Good for you Jenn and I think your owl is simply beautiful! Courage….I like that word too!
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Have a happy day

  • 6 Kathleen yazmış:

    So I was going to leave a comment to let you know there is a new Legoland opening this year in Florida, but I guess Cali is probably closer to you! 🙂 My little man has told us before that his life would be complete if we would just take him to Legoland. Maybe we’ll wait until he discovers girls and see if he still has the same take on things! 🙂

  • 7 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    I love it, Jenn. Go for it, my friend!

  • 8 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    you go girl! you have to find what makes you happy and go with it. who cares what others say? I take photos of my kiddos with a point and shoot and post them with people who are professionals. I post recipes that I test in my kitchen to share. Blogging gives you an outlet for the things you love, even the things that are a bit scary at first.

  • 9 Carletta yazmış:

    I loved this post!
    I think we are all afraid of a little something and why should we be. But, I do know how you feel. When I go to post a photograph I wonder if it’s truly worthy and what will others think. I’m self taught and others are well above me in talent. Some will like it, some won’t. Does that matter? Not really if it pleases me.
    When I first started blogging my profile stated I was pursuing an artistic journey I had put on hold for way too long. Someone I didn’t know commented and told me to never, never put a dream on hold. I’ve remembered that every day.
    So, to you I will say “Seize the Day”. 🙂

  • 10 naomig yazmış:

    YAY! I love that you’re embracing it… so true, blogging is lovely that way. Your owl is SO pretty!! I love it! Be sure to share more with us along the way!

  • 11 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    You go, girl! LIfe is too short to NOT be afraid! 😉 if you’re not afraid, then you’re not taking risks! hmmm…i like that quote…it’s a pennie bixler original…. 😉 i’m afraid all. the. time. i’m always taking risks with my words. i wear my heart on my sleeve and saying things i probably shouldn’t. revealing too much. but, i can’t help it. i’m a “real” kinda girl. i’d rather say too much and be genuine than be a fake. what you see is what you get with me. at least you know what you’re dealing with when you get me! and, i rarely know what i’m doing, but i try a lot of stuff! 😉 SO, i’m always afraid…i dare you to be afraid a little bit more. that’s how you know you’ve squeezed the most out of your 24 hours in any given day – if you’ve either laughed through it, did honest work, cried with a friend or been afraid because you were walking a path you had never been down before. That’s what makes our time worth living.

  • 12 Jen yazmış:

    I love your art! I love the colours…and my favorite bird is an owl! Courage is hard…I’m not very courageous…kinda shy…don’t like putting myself out there. but, like you mentioned, the blog world has helped a lot.

  • 13 Privet and Holly yazmış:

    Don’t be afraid.
    You will be amazed
    at the positive things
    that will come your way
    if you THINK positive
    thoughts and stretch
    into that un-comfort zone
    and just DO IT. I’ve
    had the great privilege
    or taking my class with
    Becky and that stretch
    has brought me such joy.
    So has writing on a regular
    basis through P&H over
    the last year. It has actually
    led to other opportunities
    that would never have been
    in my life.
    DO IT!!!
    xx Suzanne

  • 14 Daniele yazmış:

    This is a wonderful post. It does take courage. I recently did this by creating this new blog, just for me. I wanted to express myself and put myself out there. I also just stopped using fb which took so much courage.

    Your owl is adorable! And this “kid” art, as you describe it, is YOUR art!!! One thing I have felt since entering this world is that I am free to create as I do, and this is exactly what children do. I feel childlike when I create. I color outside the lines and just be.

    Last year I made a very simple cupcake painting. My husband thought it was silly, but I had so much fun painting it! It is colorful and sweet, and although only a cupcake, really, somehow, meaningful to me.

    To answer your comment on my blog, I homeschool my 10 year old daughter. She has aspergers and just does so much better at home. My middle daughter goes to school, as she just does so much better at school! and babe is home too, making me crazy all day long! 😀

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