Sunday Sunday 2-27

I failed!!  I failed my 365 days of photos    = (

somehow I forgot to take a picture last Sunday!!??    really?!

I was sick on Sunday… my worst day with my cold… but still!!

Oh Well!!   I guess it will be my 364 day project now    =)

I can still get an A if I only have minus 1 … right?!

This Week Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Items were:

Everyday, Life, Blurred, Furry and Capture the Sky

Sunday 51/365

Failed.       = (

Monday    52/365     Capture the Sky

Monday my sister and I toodled?  tootled?  around in Tacoma

mostly browsing in their limited antique shops…

We were a little disappointed…

our wee Capital City has more  shops than Tacoma…

Alas… it was still a fun a sister adventure day!!   =)

even if she didn’t cooperate

when I tried to take her picture!!  ha ha

Tuesday   53/365      Furry


eating moist kitty food for Abby’s Science Experiment!

Lucky kitty!

Wednesday      54/365 Life

Plant Life was starting to grow before all this snow hit Washington!  =)

(I know I shared this flower earlier in the week… this is another shot of it!!)

I think it looks a little like a Venus Fly Trap in this picture!!  =)

Snow days are great days for baking too..

AND it  is a great Life shot too… right??

Brownies are an important part of Life!!

moving on…

Thursday   55/365    Blurred

Merlin goes crazy in the Snow!  He LOVES it!!

but he gets cold fast… the poor little guy…

his soft  fur collects the fluffy cold snow fast!!

In this pic he is trying to shake 3 minutes of fun off of his fur!!  =)

Here Merlin  stopped to do the Pointer Dog thing at a squirrel??

He really thinks he is a hound of some kind!!

Poor guy… the snow is up to his belly!!  =)

makes for some cold peeing!!

(sorry!!) Just Real Life!

moving on again…

Friday     56/365

Friday at 12:30 pm we popped an egg into vinegar

we couldn’t resist  after seeing it on Jessica’s blog last week!

They called it the Naked Egg Project… I think?!

The vinegar eats away the hard calcium shell…

leaving behind a soft semi-transparent covering!

Abby already has a science fair project going with the cat

but we figured it would be a great home school Science thing for Sammy

and a back up Science Fair project for her if we need it…

the cat project is not exactly working??!!

anyway… what it boils down to ….is that mommy likes the darn egg!

I want to take cool light pictures with it like Jessica did!!  =)

Saturday   57/365 Everyday

Everyday I try to at least pick up my little Bible companion book!

I hope to read through the New Testament again this year…

I am not off to a good start though!!  *sigh*

This Fabulous little book helps me get in a little bible time each day…

I love my little Daily Strength for Daily Needs book

published in 1884!!

it is a TREASURE !!

I read it year after year…

the words keep speaking to my heart and mind…

though it is a little difficult to read in old style English…  =)

I can not explain it… it is  an amazing little book of Bible verses and

encouraging Quotes  written by Christians before 1884 … =)

I have another copy published in 1992 (over a 100 years later!!)

But I have a thing for old books…

My old copy was gifted to a lady named Fanny on Christmas of 1884!!

Before I close I just want to say for the record…

it is Still Snowing In Washington!!  rare I tell ya!!

We just don’t get snow like this very often!

It is supposed to be raining today… and soccer starts on Tuesday!!

I wonder if the hubby Coach will cancel the first practice if we still have snow!

ha ha!!

Looking forward to seeing all your photos as always!!  =)



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