Sunday Sunday February 20th

Sunday Scavenger Hunt :

Chocolate, Canned Food, Music, Stack and Numbers.

and of course my photos for days 44 – 50 of 365!

Sunday    44/365      Stack

We picked up Girl Scout Cookies on Sunday

and we stacked them up for our annual picture

of Abby with ALL the cookies she sold…

we make personalized Thank You cards out of the picture!

It is a huge hit with her customers!!  =)

Monday  45/365

Valentines day dinner for my man!

Salmon marinated in soy sauce, maple syrup & garlic… served with Thai rice noodles (same sauce) and asparagus with Parmesan!    um… I cheated on my gluten free diet a tiny bit with the soy… I need to buy GF soy sauce!!  =)

the best part about this meal… is the salmon on day 2 with mayo on toasted bread.. I used gf bread… broiled for a few minutes to warm it up… YUM!

Tuesday        46/365       Music

Abby had a chorus concert Tuesday night ~ 5th graders, middle schools and high school ~ all together ~ she wasn’t feeling very well that night ~ poor monkey ~ It was an hour and a half and the 5th graders only sang 2 songs!!   that um… Harry Potter look alike in the back ground was in the boys choir… I think he knows he looks like Harry and played it up a bit…  =) After the concert… It was fun to hear many other people say …”he looks like Harry Potter”… made me feel less alone for thinking the same thing!!  What do you think??  (I was very sly taking this picture of him behind Abby… sorry about the quality of this one)

Wednesday       47/365     Chocolate (box)  *wink*

Charlie was featured in the Whitman’s chocolate factory this year!

My children LOVE Charlie!!  So I sneaked 2 of these into my cart when I had Sammy with me… only come to find out after sneaking and buying them… I only bought one Charlie box… the front box had the dog… the one behind it had a kitty!!  oops!  … which Abby loves… whew…. I thought she would be sad Sammy got Charlie and she didn’t… but she knows… it really isn’t Charlie anyway… I am sure y’all wanted to hear that story!

For the record:  I am sure Whitman’s don’t even know who Charlie is!! =)

my real chocolate pics didn’t turn out… so you get the box… I am fighting a nasty cold/sinus something this week… not so into photography this week… *sigh*

Thursday       48/365     Numbers

Merlin stole Sammy’s favorite ruler off his desk this week… Sammy uses it as a number line for math!    It took me a long time to get it out of his mouth…Sammy was not impressed that half way through the battle I stopped to grab my camera and regain myself from laughing so hard!!   We had to cave and offer treats to get it out of his mouth… Apparently Merlin really wanted to have it!!

Friday         49/365       Canned Food

Abby is working on a Science project:  Which treat does our cat like best?

Wet cat food, tuna, moist pounce or dry pounce?  she needed pictures for her Science data board… Canned Cat Food!  I was too tired and worn out from this dang cold to try very hard this week… simple is good… =)

Saturday       50/365

Mr. Mc Efficent managed to sneak in a lawn mowing today… In FEBRUARY!  It isn’t the first time this has happened in Washington!!  Last year we had a couple glorious weeks of lovely weather in February!!  So I have seen this happen twice in my life now… crazy!!

The grass was wet from yesterday’s rain… but he set the mower high and managed to get it cut shorter.. which is great b/c it is growing already!  =)  Don’t be too jealous if you are still under snow… it is still pretty cold here… and we will have LOTS more rain and maybe even snow before Spring really arrives!!  =)  It Always snows here in April or May… Always… sometimes just a dusting… sometimes a 24 hour snow… but it always snows in spring… mark my words!!

We even had a bee visit today… I hope Merlin is not allergic to bees… b/c I think he will try to eat them this summer… I just have this feeling…

if you look closely you might see the dog slobber on the window!~

No Merlin!  don’t eat bees!!  bad dog!

I do however encourage him to eat spiders… is that  bad?  =)   he ate one off the wall for me this week… I hate spiders!!  ew… and he ate it alive… eeeeew!!  but I didn’t have to kill it… good dog Merlin???  =)

Tomorrow the forecast is rain… no matter… I am stuck inside with my nasty cold & sore throat… at least I won’t feel bad missing out on Sun… right?!!  =)

Have a great week folks!

Until Next Time!


(I am publishing this without editing, proof reading or any other such measures… hope y’all don’t mind… it is that kind of cold… I wouldn’t catch anything if I did try anyway!!  ha ha!)   =)


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