Self inflicted Torture

Every Single Time the cat comes down the stairs

or she comes into the house from outside

Merlin chases her, tackles her, barks at her  or lovingly nips at her

ALL ~  DAY ~  LONG ~  Every ~ Single ~ Day.

for 528 days

He is relentless!!  He Really wants Nana to play with him!

(he really is Exhausting but that is not my point …ha ha)

Yesterday a RARE thing occurred

A very very RARE thing occurred while we were eating dinner

Nana just walked down the stairs and parked herself by my feet

Look at the tension in the cats face   (bawhahahaha)

what was she thinking??

Merlin just watched her for about 2-3 minutes

but the suspense was KILLING him

he couldn’t handle the suspense he walked over her and  around her

Barking and wagging his tail the whole time ~  for about 30 seconds

it was hysterical because


MERLIN couldn’t believe she didn’t move!

(sorry about the out of focus blur)  =)

he was not quite sure what to do… why wasn’t she running?

what should I do?  Maybe GRAB her tail with my paws?

Maybe that will make her run, right?

maybe if I nibble her tail ~  just a teeny tiny bit

She will run  and then we can play


Kitty, what is Wrong with you?

OH… hey…. now is my chance

maybe she will let me get in a good sniff…

oops… she moved her head

I should bite her tail?

I am not supposed to bite her tail

I want to bite her tail

I am not supposed to bite her tail

I want to bite her tail

what to do ~ what to do

Bite the tail!!

Hey… she didn’t move!

Maybe I can get in a good sniff!!

Look at Nana’s ears   and   her  face

she was Sooooooo Mad!

and then she looked at me


Really? Why are you letting him do this to me?!

After 528 days ~ what on earth does she think   I can do to help her?


I mean…  Poor kitty.

but Nana… that really was Self Inflicted Torture!   You knew better!

528 days is plenty of time to learn how to deal with that beast!

Speaking of self inflicted torture…

What was I thinking buying pets for my children?

they are so exhausting!  =)

Oh anyway… at least they are entertaining too!

Hope your day does not involve any self inflicted torture!

I think I need to get out.   out with Sammy.   and THAT dog

and enjoy our 40 degree Sunny weather.   while it lasts.

We’ll call it P.E. time.  =)

Saturday is supposed to bring Rain.   Lots and Lots of Rain!


ta ta for now~


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