Sunday Sunday

Sunday  Sunday

Ashley’s Photo Scavengerhunt

and the 365 day challenge

Links are at the bottom of my post if you are interested in joining the fun!

Sunday   37/365

Last weekend I stitched this little bag for Abby

It is the first bag I’ve sewn… not sure I will sew another!!  ha ha

Monday        38/365

Merlin was exhausted after a trip to the dog park

he fell asleep right in the middle of chewing up his box

he chews boxes every single day…

my floors are always messy with chewed cardboard pieces

it is better than having chewed shoes … right?

Tuesday        39/365 Shadows

love the tall shadows …wagging tail and all..

this was a cell phone pic!!

Wednesday             40/365

do you all know you can check the weather through your Wii

anywhere on the globe!

you spin the globe around and click on the continent you want…

then zoom in on the country, state, city…

Sammy had so much fun playing with the Weather via the Wii…

it will be a fantastic geography tool!

you can even get a 5 day forecast

Thursday          41/365 Warmth

Thursday  morning this lovely little rainbow appeared

the Warm sun was shining on the beginning of a light rain…

*another cell phone pic*

Friday        42/365 Repetition

Sammy really wanted one of these cool keys… so I let him pick out one

he bought the key to happiness!    =)

Saturday          43/365 White    & Strong

WHITE tags…

Abby needed new pants

she requires:

slimmer than slim

thinner than thin

skinnier than skinny

The GAP  is the only store that sells SLIM jeans WITH an adjustable waist!!

(God bless the Gap!)

b/c just slim is never slim enough for that girl of mine!!

Go back up and read that Tag…

Slim, Skinny, Adjustable waist, Slim in the hip and thigh… PERFECT!!

and we did NOT pay full price either!!  cha ching!!

We got those babies 30% off… and One pair FREE!!

Love it!!

what can I say… I love love love a good deal!


I had a strong desire for cupcakes lately

Today I finally broke down and made Gluten Free cupcakes

to get rid of that STRONG desire …

They were ok… I think I need to keep looking for a better GF Cupcake recipe!!  =)

Hope y’all have a lovely week!




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