Simple Summer Pleasures

This was a stay home week for us…

watching the neighbors doggies

enjoying our back yard (and the neighbors back yard Sanctuary)

playing in the summer sun… on the green grass…

Grass about the only living “plant” I can keep kindof alive in my back yard…

between the deer eating my shrubs…fruit trees etc…

and my lack of time,  funding and serious lack of GREEN skills…

and the limited breaks between rainy days here in WA…

well… never mind… more on that in a minute…

Let’s get on with the Sunday Scavenger Hunt shall we

198/365 Music to My Ears

having my morning coffee listening  to the sound of birds chirping

up early to collect breakfast for their young

while I sit quietly enjoying me time before I have to feed my young!  =)

simple pleasures of summer =)

199/365 Hat

what are my children doing there?  oh dear… never mind…

much like his daddy

Sammy wears a hat all summer long

love it.  =)


this isn’t my best picture… bear with me…

I took it with my cell phone at the indoor pool

less glare at the indoor pool for my low vision kid… =)


I was trying to get pictures of my kids jumping off the divers block

do you know how hard that is??!  =)

there were a few kids in line with my kiddos and their friends

and there was also a dad in line… 7 jumpers in all…

one by one as they jumped in

splash, splash, splash… HUGE SPLASH… splash, splash, splash…

those of us on the side bench got a little wet  each time the dad jumped in =)

I never manged to capture the kids in the air…

lots of pictures of bubbles after they went under… *sigh*

but I did get a funky picture of the Clear water flying HIGH in the air??

sorry… its all I got for clear this week! but  I like it… for some odd reason….

200/365 Sprinkles

sprinkles of coconut!  =)  ???

Have you ever had a Chick – O – Stick??

It is a childhood treat from the 70’s  =)

yep…. 1970’s!

We loved those things as a kid.

It tastes a lot like the inside of a butter finger candy bar.

VERY yummy when used as SPRINKLES on top of ice cream!!

I bought them for my kiddos when we were in Leavenworth last weekend.

I love introducing my kids to things I loved as a child!!

oops…. They never made it to the Sprinkle stage!!  =)

201/365 Out of This World

This week we watched our neighbors doggys …and watered their flowers

in her OUT OF THIS WORLD sanctuary of flowers!!

I heart flowers… too much… =)

if I didn’t home school and I worked (thus giving us a second income)

I would probably spend more time and money trying to garden!  =)

Her garden is seriously Out. Of. This. World. Beautiful!

I loved every minute I spent in her back yard

(well… not the picking up doggy poo part)


border lilies (love, love)


pink roses


and yellow roses

and whatever these pretty flowers are =)

she has beautiful hanging baskets too

Calla Lilies and Astibles (spelling?) =)

and these beautiful flowers…

whatever they are…


Seriously “Out of this world Flower Gardens”…

That was just a glimpse of her flower beds

many of those flowers are my favorites too…**swoon**

my problem is picking out flowers that will compliment each other…

how do people do that!?!!   (ha ha ha)

well…ok… I have an issue with keeping them alive too… =)

Maybe one day my thumb will be half as green as hers… =)

I’d be ok with that…

maybe if I eat more spinach?


A girl can dream, right?!  =)

Anyway… It was lovely spending time  in her flower sanctuary …

throwing the ball for Bella … soaking up the beauty…

More Simple summer pleasures.

Slower Summer daze… =)

Do you have beautiful flower gardens?

or do you just photograph them like me?

ah ha ha ha


Now where is my shovel??  =)


Jenn ~

ps I had this cooking bug this week too…

and I photographed some of my cooking

feta, basil, Parmesan turkey burgers. YUM.

and a gluten free apricot, raspberry tart.  tasty enough. not my fav.

and gluten free banana walnut loaf.  YUM.

but today I wasn’t in a food mood… ya know?!

maybe I will post a recipe mid-week… just because…

remember I said Maybe!  =)

I am a terrible blogger these days!  =)

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21 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    Look like another good week. I love all your flower shots! beautiful.

  • 2 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    great pictures and those flowers are beautiful. just think a few more weeks then summer will be over and life will get back to normal… whatever normal is

  • 3 deb yazmış:

    Wow…. so many gorgeous flower photots! Love the bird too. I don’t think I’ve ever had that candy, but I’m sure I would love it!

  • 4 Pam yazmış:

    Beautiful flowers.

    To respond to the comment you left on my blog: No, not the OR coast. It’s actually down in San Diego at the Point Loma tide pools. Northern CA all the way up to the Canadian border has some gorgeous coast line though. I would love to live up north.

  • 5 blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell yazmış:

    You really caught a big splash in the water park. Very fun!

    That candy is not one I ever tried, but I don’t like coconut.

    Now you make me want to stroll through some gardens. Gorgeous blooms!

  • 6 Danelle yazmış:

    Wow! You captured a robin with a worm in it’s mouth! That’s not easy! And I love all the flowers. 🙂

  • 7 Stasha yazmış:

    Lovely garden shots. You are always up to so many adventures.

  • 8 Sarah yazmış:

    Gorgeous flower shots. I like your water photo. Very cool. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

  • 9 Angee yazmış:

    Those flowers are amazing. Chick-o-stick is very good.

  • 10 June Makes Six yazmış:

    Great shots…never had a “chick o stick”….have to search that one out:)


  • 11 Cedar yazmış:

    Great set! Fun take on clear and great flowers!

    The Narnia exhibit is at OMSI (in Portland, OR) right now. Looks like it will be there until late September. Here is the link: We live closer to the Seattle one, but OMSI is cooler–except it doesn’t have butterflies.

  • 12 RaD yazmış:

    At least you can sorta keep grass alive. I did at one point, but now it’s weeds again. Gotta start all over. Other than that, we do a good job with poppies, as long as the dog doesn’t trample all over them.

    The pic of the splash is fun. I like it too!

  • 13 Rosie@leavesnbloom yazmış:

    Those flower shots are lovely. Birdsong is one of my favourite sounds aswell especially first thing in the morning and in the evenings. That’s a cool shot of the splash!

  • 14 Gretchen yazmış:

    Love coffee drinking while listening to the birds in the morning/afternoon! I remember chick-o-sticks! YUM! Great collection!! =)

  • 15 Tara yazmış:

    Beautiful flowers!

  • 16 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I think I remember that candy…
    I bought the kids a candy from my childhood for a treat when we went on vacay…zots – do you remember those? They have fizz in the middle? did you ever try those? and pop rocks. i guess i was into fizzy stuff… 🙂

    pretty flower pics! and the robin…love it!

  • 17 He & me + 3 yazmış:

    All your cooking sounded good. Feel free to stop by and cook for my family. Love the chick-o-sticks. So good. Beautiful flowers…I got some roses from my love this week. It was a surprise but so lovely to look at.

  • 18 Dina@4LettreWords yazmış:

    Surprise! 🙂

    Wonderful photos, Jenn. Love the flowers!

  • 19 hershey's moma {amy} yazmış:

    Great assortment of pictures, even the ‘clear’ one. I think it is hard to get a decent picture of the kids diving, or skate boarding. Those 2 are my hardest ones to capture.
    I love the flowers. What a delightful back yard. I would watch your neighbors dogs [and flowers] any time! I love them. Oh, and I haven’t had a chick-o-stick in years but I love love them!

  • 20 naomig yazmış:

    Sounds like a busy summer! I don’t have the funds or muscle for my garden dreams–I’m working on it, but it is SLOW going. That first flower that you said you didn’t know what it is is Yarrow… I don’t know what the second one is. Yarrow is awesome–anyone can keep it alive. I’ve divided mine several times, and I don’t actually have the drip irrigation going to it in my yard because I don’t need to water it… crazy since it’s so hot and dry here.

    I’ll have to check out that candy next time I’m in Leavenworth. 🙂 That’s about 20 minutes away from me. 🙂

  • 21 bluecottonmemory yazmış:

    I love the Splash picture! And the sanctuary! We just moved back home and everything is overgrown and just needs some TLC. Those lazy daze of summer? The boys have been in school for over a week now! Sigh! I’d love a real summer break!

    Have a blessed, awesome, lazy weekend!