It was a lovely Sunny Week in Feb!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt… (or Monday in this case) =)

This weeks prompts were:  Strike a Pose, Color Me Green, Hobby, Footwear and Shiny!

its a fun little way to get creative with your camera during the week.

Strike a Pose

silly Nana has been obsessed with our fireplace this Winter

she paces in front of it meowing if it isn’t on …all day long!  =)

sometimes she flips her tail hard on the floor *up and down* up and down*

this day she was glaring at me too… then looking away…glaring at me… looking away

it was so funny!  =)  can I share a couple more…she was just so funny I couldn’t help it!

I will only torture you with a couple more !  =)

laying in front of the fireplace playing with my tail pose

don’t mess with me doggy I have big muscles and long claws pose..

she was protecting her spot in front of the fire place =)

b/c Merlin often messes with her while she lays there “sun bathing” in the heat

Nana isn’t the only one who loves the fireplace

Sammy loves to hang out in front of the fire place too!

Color Me Green

I brought home a hazelnut latte the other day

and immediately poured it into my favorite green Denby mug

a wedding present from 13 1/2 years ago =)

I LOVE these mugs ~ they are Perfect!

the Perfect mug makes or breaks your coffee drinking experience

don’t cha think??!!

It doesn’t look very green b/c the lighting in my kitchen stinks

Lucky me my hobby picture is green too…

just in case y’all think I failed the green shot =)


(since I don’t have an awesome camera to support my amateur photography hobby)…

I chose cooking

I love playing with food ~ especially baking =)

but I happened to be playing with green food this week!

with all my dietary challenges …cooking has become tee dee OUS  *ugh*

anyway…this week I decided to embrace my old hobby with a happy heart again… =)


rumor has it … some old fashioned farmers in Holland still wear these ??

can you imagine?  =)

this pair belongs to a friend and are clearly NOT used for farming!

I have some small shiny read ones from my childhood that I pull out at Christmas

but they are tucked away for the next 11 months!

*my footware pic was from my archives…fail** =)


this pretty little crystal hangs in our living room window

and the sun was out this week…*bliss*…  making it sparkle!

I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a decent pic with my snap and shoot

but a few shots actually turned out kinda cool  =)

sparkle sparkle =)

hope you find sparkles in your week!!

thats all folks

homeschoolin to tackle



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